Different Pattern And Design Of Hardwood Flooring

Floors are the biggest reflection of your personal taste and choice because it is the first thing that most of the people notice while they enter your home. We at Sequoia can help you with different flooring patterns and designs to make a lasting first impression of your home. 

Our Various Flooring Designs and Patterns  

  1. Straight Pattern:

Straight pattern is one of the most common patterns to install hardwood floors. Here we laid planks parallelly side by side from one wall to another. It helps to make your room look large. We follow this simple effective and simple hardwood floor installation pattern in Los Angeles.

  1. Chevron Pattern:

 A number of people love to see their floor in a zig-zag design. Here in Chevron pattern, cut the board on an angle and install them in a zig-zag way to make the flooring attractive. This design is famous in Santa Monica.

  1. Brick Pattern:

Here, our expert professionals can give your floor a brickwork looking design. You can also apply this pattern only in the border area of your room. This is undoubtedly a complicated flooring pattern, that we serve our customers as a leading hardwood floor company in California.


  1. Diagonal Pattern:

We offer this flooring pattern as a flooring contractor in Los Angeles. Here, we laid planks diagonally from one corner to another of the room. Our experienced flooring experts do this hardwood flooring with proper attention and dedication to make sure it’s installed correctly.

  1. Herringbone Pattern:

Nowadays, this is a very popular flooring pattern in Greater Los Angeles. However, we will say it is not at all a good choice if your room space is small. It even makes your floor’s appearance smaller. If your room’s size is big then this pattern could be an ideal flooring pattern for you. 

Now, choose your favourite flooring design among the above-mentioned designs to make your flooring more durable and fashionable.

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