Wooden Floors: Types And Tips To Keep In Mind!

The wooden floor, in addition to having a particular and timeless charm, is becoming an increasingly popular choice over the years, also thanks to the new production techniques that have significantly reduced costs.

There are three different types of flooring, each with its own characteristics:

  • Solid wood, highly prized and sanded countless times during processing, was the most used until a few decades ago;
  • Prefinished, multi-layered wood manages to combine all the aesthetic quality of a solid wood floor with superior technical performance and a competitive cost; this type of wooden floor is ideal in the presence of underfloor heating systems because it has greater stability;
  • Laminated wood is characterized by kneaded and glued wood fibers, over which the grain and colors of the wood are printed.

Mistakes to avoid:

Do not consider the duration

Any parquet, both in real and fake wood, has duration over time that is influenced by various factors and absolutely cannot be neglected because the goodness of the economic investment that one chooses to make in this depends on this type of floor. This parameter does not only depend on the quality of the product chosen but more on the use it is made of: in fact, it is necessary to take some precautions, including avoiding the use of steam cleaners or floor cleaning robots, using a neutral detergent soap with hot water and periodically with maintenance waxes;

Choosing the wrong color

Talking about the “color” of the parquet floor is inaccurate because wood even reproduced in laminates and vinyl, has a series of aesthetic characteristics that cannot be ignored to understand what the final effect will be. To imagine the final result of the laid floor, it is necessary to consider, in addition to the basic essence, these elements: the appearance of the surface (understanding how visible the veins and knots of the wood are), the dimensions of every single plank, which will give the final effect once placed side by side and, lastly, the presence or absence of the bevel, or rather the escape route dug into the edges of each plank, which highlights the “composition” of the floor.

Watch out for pairings!

People often don’t pay attention to the combination of flooring, doors, and other furnishing elements: however, it would be an important aspect to take into consideration since it would be enough to create continuity or detachment according to taste.

For light-colored floors, the advice is to choose doors in nuances of white, gray, dove gray, or natural wood, while a dark-colored floor will look great with light colors in stark contrast, thus avoiding a too gloomy effect within the home;

Contact non-qualified resellers

Even if the intervention of floating or glue laying of prefinished parquet may seem easy (some even opt for the do-it-yourself), there are some tricks that only a professional in the sector knows: in addition to assessing the state of the current floor and carry out any leveling operations, an expert will be able to spread the sheets in an optimal way (especially for floating installation) and apply the parquet planks with the right measurements.

That’s why it’s important to rely on experts: choose a professional Hardwood Flooring Showroom!

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