3 Easy Ways to Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floor

If you are thinking of refinishing the hardwood floor of your house, wait for a while! Before you begin with the refinishing process, make sure that your hardwood floor is cleaned properly, so that the refinishing process undergoes smoothly without any hazards.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide a brief discussion about how you should clean the hardwood floor of your house before you opt for wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica.

Clean the dry dust

Do start to clean the wood floor using a broom. Make sure the broom is soft-bristled, as it could avoid making scratches on the hardwood floor. First, begin with brooming from one corner of a room so as to maintain a sequence. An efficient wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica have a practice of collecting the dust in one place. After that use a Vacuum to clean the hard-to-reach dust between the window slides, between floorboards, or even the extreme corners of the room. Now collect all the dust particles together and throw them into a waste bin.

Mop the floor

After you finish with dry dust cleaning, no it’s time to clean with a wet cloth. According to your comfortability, you can either use a mop stand or a piece of rug, and a half bucket of plain water with a few drops of concentrated liquid cleanser. Thoroughly mop and wipe the hardwood floor with this water mixture. You might have to change the water solution in the bucket once or twice.

Parting advice

If you want your hardwood floor to be neat and clean always, repeat this deep cleaning process thrice a week at least if it is not possible to clean the floors daily.

If you reside in a high-traffic area, professional cleaning is required. To book a service for wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica, contact us.

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