4 Essential Safety tools for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

If you want to complete your hardwood flooring installation project properly and safely, then you must use some specific tools. These tools work just like an umbrella in the rain. Starting the installation without taking precautions with these tools, serious health hazards can take place. Now, this is not at all desired-right? Hence, you need to know which tools you must use during hardwood flooring installation. Check these 4 essential tools for your project of the hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles to ensure your safety.

  1. Vapor respirators

While applying the wood finish, it is necessary to use a vapor respirator. The respirator has to be approved by MSDS or “Material Safety Data Sheets of Manufacturer”. Besides this, a shop vacuum also works well to protect your lungs. 

  1. Dust masks

The dust respirator can protect the upper respiratory tract and lungs from harmful wood dust. This tool is necessary in case of high sensitivity to such dust. It is safe to use N95 masks approved by NIOSH. This N95 respirator is commonly used among 7 different types of particulate filtering respirators. This product filters around 95% of particles in the air. 

  1. Safety goggles

These goggles need to meet standards of performance, made by ANSI or “American National Standards Institute”. These goggles protect eye sockets completely and effectively.

  1. Earmuffs

Most equipment of floor sanding creates sound with 90 dB and above. Such sound with high dB is a major reason for hearing loss among contractors. Isn’t it quite alarming? To avoid such issues, ear muffs work as an affordable solution-you can buy them as pre-molded plugs or foam inserts.

If you want guidance for your project of the hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles, you must contact us today.

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