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Best Places for Hardwood Floors in Glendale, CA; Dining, Family, Living Rooms & More

Many people look to upgrade their home with hardwood floors in their many varieties. Easily incorporated into any interior design and looking stunning with any color scheme, wood floors possess beauty and charm. Wood floors can be especially beneficial, though they are vulnerable to water, they are easy cared for and maintained. Because of their vulnerabilities, including water damage, wood floors are optimal in some rooms, and a poor choice in others. With that in mind, we at Sequoia Flooring would like to share where the best rooms wood floors should be installed and what rooms wood floors should be avoided having wood floors.

Best Rooms for Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors would be amazing in the following rooms providing proper maintenance.
Den. Dens are a perfect application for wood floors. The general décor and setting the den offers make rich tones of wood floors pop and the climate is perfect.
Dining Room. A hardwood floors will contribute to the overall style and any spills can be easily wiped clean for simple maintenance and to prevent any damage it is important they are immediately wiped up.
Family & Living Room. Wood floors in the living room are a comfortable aspect and will always look gorgeous. The wood floor is the perfect touch when you are hosting events with family and friends or just enjoying a quiet night with your family. A soft and shaggy area rugs add color and cozy places to walk or lounge along with doormats at the entrances to minimize the dirt from getting tracked in.

Worst Rooms for Hardwood Floors

Because of the striking look of wood floors and their versatility, it can be tempting to install wood floors everywhere in the home. There are however, different circumstances that make hardwood floors a little less practical in different rooms.
Bathroom. As mentioned, wood floors are not water-friendly. Being that bathrooms produce a lot of moisture and water with use, the application is just not a logical one. Water constantly makes contact with the floor often and if the floor is wood, even if you mop it up as quickly as possible, the floors will quickly deteriorate. Vinyl or tile is better suited for the bathroom.
Foyer. Though water is enemy number one to wood floors, dry soil and other particle debris ranks close behind water. Foot traffic creates friction and the natural abrasive substance of dirt and will quickly scratch the floors up. Being that the foyer is the primary area people come and go, wood floors should be avoided unless you insist on large area rugs and runners to offer them protection. Not only can dirt be dragged in but moisture from sprinklers or weather such as rain or snow, can create moisture damage as well.
Laundry Room. The laundry room is another place where humidity and potential water lingers. The washing machine can leak and the humid conditions contribute to damage.

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How to Tell if Wood Floors Need to Be Refinished in San Pedro, CA; Discolored, Sun Faded & More

Frequently increasing a home’s value, being durable, and fitting in with any interior design and with the assortment of color options, the hardwood floors in your home are well worth the investment. Known for their fairly easy maintenance, the sturdiness of the wood floors is among the many benefits. When it does come to maintenance, one of the projects that applies to a wood floors is refinishing. Professional refinishing ensures quality, precision, and can help the untrained homeowners avoid causing damage doing it themselves. Part of the refinishing is sanding out the blemishes, which is not only messy, but if it is not done correctly, damage can result in replacing the floor. If you believe your hardwood floors are due for a refinishing service, you need the experts of Sequoia Flooring. Below, we have included a list of signs that indicate your wood floors are due for a refinishing service.

Tips for Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

1) Discolored and sun faded hardwood flooring. Discoloration is one of the primary signs that suggest your floor needs refinishing. The dull, faded discoloring is typically caused by the sunlight or moisture damage, though it may not always be obvious. Most spills from substances that cause the staining can also be sanded out during this process. More often than not, the faded discoloration from sun or moisture exposure is not always noticed until furniture is moved around and exposes the original color. Moisture damage should be addressed first, otherwise it will continue to ruin your floor and sanding may not be enough but replacing the planks may be necessary.
2) Scratches on Hardwood Floors. The wear is usually subtle. The scuffs and scratches may only reflect when the light hits it just right or you see it specific angles. The finish can also suffer wear from excessive foot traffic or if harsher chemicals were ever used to clean the floor. Refinishing is the most efficient method to remedy these blemishes. The flaws on the top layer of the wood flooring is sanded away, along with the old finish, allowing homeowners to either refinish with the same color or even change it up. The wood floors are susceptible to the elements and further damage if not properly sealed with the finish, making it crucial you get your floors refinished if any damage exposes the raw wood.
3) Warping & Other Hardwood Floor Water Damage. Floorboards that are decaying, curled, bending, or showing other indications of severe damage or age would need to be repaired or replaced in part of the refinishing process. Severely damaged floorboards cannot be refinished. But because it can be difficult to math the precise color, most like to do the refinishing and change the staining color.

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Wood floors that may have lost some luster and shine are likely only in need of a deep cleaning. You can take on this project yourself or hire a pro but weary of how you deep clean your wood floors to avoid any moisture damage. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer and label’s directions on products you need to use. When your wood floors require a refinishingcall Sequoia Floors and let our experts get the refinishing done quickly and efficiently.


Relative Humidity for Hardwood Floor Installation to Avoid Cupping, Buckling & Damage in Torrance, CA

Throughout the State of California humidity tends to remain high all year long. What many homeowners come to learn is how destructive humidity is on solid hardwood floors. Wood expands and contracts all the time and when adding moisture to the mix it can have devastating results. Wood floors that have been damaged by humidity can have severe cupping which is when the edges of the plank bubble or bulge upwards. To help prevent your wood floors falling victim to California’s humid climate, Sequoia Flooring will share how you can protect and maintain your home’s hardwood floors.

Manage Hardwood Floor Indoor Temperature

When a home has wood floors installed they do require basic care and maintenance. However, what many manufacture fail to mention is that climate control is basic to maintaining your home. Inside temperatures should be between 60 and 80 degrees. Along with temperature control you will want to control the humidity inside your home. When measuring the humidity inside the home you would only want humidity to range from 30% to 50%. Humidity any higher will begin to affect the wood. Some moisture in the air is good for the wood and of course your skin, so you don’t want to dry the room out completely. However, you may want to install a dehumidifier in your home to control how high the humidity is inside your home.

Hardwood Floor Cupping Prevention Tips

If your home seems to be creating humidity, this could indicate a broken or leaky water line inside your home. To prevent cupping you will want to determine if your home has any leaks. Cupping can also occur if the wood is exposed to water directly. It is important to remove the water and dry the wood. Inside the home there are two areas that create a lot of humidity, which would be the bathroom and laundry room. When taking a hot shower or drying your laundry in the dryer, turn on the exhaust fans to help pull the humidity up and out of the room and home.

Can Cupping of Hardwood Floors Be Reversed?

If cupping does occur don’t panic, it can be repaired. When cupping occurs the wood will bulge upward around the edges of each plank on the floor. The risen edges can be sanded down and made level with the rest of the floor. However, repairing cupping can only be done once or twice on the same wood floor. Over time the wood cannot be sanded down. To repair cupping the entire wood floor is stripped of the stain or sealer and is sanded down to a level and smooth finish. Next the wood is re-stained or sealed to prevent surface damage.

Hardwood Floor Buckling Water Damage

Another common problem with humidity damage is buckling. Buckling is when the edges of the surrounding planks no longer line up and/or separate. This can be a much more difficult type of damage to repair. In most cases the plank that has been affected must be replaced. There are some joint fillers that can help connect the planks. However, this can only be done in minor cases.

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What Causes Squeaky Floors & How to Stop Your Hardwood Floors from Creaking in Santa Monica, CA

Do your wood floors squeak each time a member of your household walks across them? Creaky wood floors are distracting and simply annoying, especially when you have that person walking late at night or early in the morning. Do you ever wonder why your wood floor squeaks or creaks so loud or what you can do to help reduce or stop this noise all together? Sequoia Flooring is here to provide you with some answers and solutions.

What Causes Squeaky Wood Floors?

There are a few reasons why a wood floor will continually squeak. It may be due to the material used during installation or even the method of installation.
Nail Down Hardwood Flooring Installation – If the wood floors were installed using the nail down method, often the source of the squeaking is coming from the board rubbing on the nails each time a person steps down. This typically occurs over time and as the nail hole becomes worn down and bigger.
Glue Down Hardwood Floor Installation – If a wood floor was glued down, a similar effect occurs. However, since there are no nails with the glue down method, the squeaking comes when two planks rub against each other. In the case of the glue down installation method, during the change of season the wood planks will expand or contract. When the boards expand it will cause a squeaking sound when the floor is walked on.

How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Squeaky Wood Floors Oil or Lubricant – When it comes to solid hardwood floors, there are a few ways you can stop or reduce the squeaking. One method uses a lubricant that is applied to the seam of the planks of the wood floor. Some common lubricants used to stop squeaking from wood floors are powered soapstone, talcum powder or a powered graphite. Application methods vary. However, most use a cloth that is dipped into the powder and rubbed into the seams of the planks.
Glazier Point to Stop Squeaking Floorboards – Another way to help stop the squeaking is by using a glazier point which is a small triangular metal piece typically used for windows. They are wedged between each plank which tightens the wood floor. With the planks fitting more tightly together, the squeaking often stops. This is only done on the affected or loosened areas. These first two methods are best used for glue down wood floors.
New Finishing Nails for Squeaky Wood Floors – For nailed down wood floors, often all that is needed is to use new finishing nails. You can add new nails which mean you pre-drill the holes before you nail down the plank. You can also use a slightly wider nail to take the place of the older nail. The wider nail should fit more snugly removing the squeaking.

Hardwood Floor Squeaks Everywhere?

Sometimes the squeaking isn’t the wood floor at all, but the sub-floor. The sub-floor is made of wood framing and plywood which also can squeak as weight is applied. To help stop the squeaking that comes from the sub-floor requires additional joists, or adding shims or bridges.

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How to Choose the Best Color & Type of Hardwood Floors for Your Beverly Hills, CA Home

When it comes to choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home, the possibilities are literally endless. That is why making the right choice can pose as a challenge to some people. Sequoia Flooring is here to talk about all the things you need to think about when you are getting ready to choose the hardwood flooring for your home in an effort to help make the process a little less stressful.

Solid VS Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The first thing you need to decide is the type of wood flooring you want installed in your home. Are you looking for solid wood flooring with each plank made from one solid piece of wood? Or are you interested in engineered wood flooring that is made up of multiple component layers? If you live in an area that deals with high levels of humidity, you may want engineered wood floors. For those that live in a drier climate, solid wood flooring may be the clear choice. The dimensions can be very different between these two types of wood flooring, so the first thing that needs to be decided is the type of flooring you wish you have in your home.

Wide VS Narrow Plank Wood Floors

You can get creative with the plank width as well. You have extremely narrow wood planks to wide to choose from and if you can’t decide on one for sure, don’t worry. You can choose to have a mixture of both put in your home. The design can be very different when you are looking at narrow planks to wide, so you need to choose what style you are in search of. Wide planks are a popular choice right now and so wide planks have the ability to increase the value of your home.

Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors

When choosing the color for your wood floors, you want to be sure you love your choice. You don’t want to have to deal with the refinishing process for a very long time. Darker wood flooring is popular right now and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Dark wood flooring can be difficult to keep clean though so if you aren’t keen on cleaning your wood floors often, you may want to choose a lighter finish. No matter what style your home is, you will be able to find a color that compliments it nicely.

Prefinished VS Unfinished Wood Flooring

Last but not least, you need to decide if you want your wood flooring unfinished or prefinished. When you have unfinished flooring installed, the stain and finish is applied on site. The more common choice is prefinished wood flooring that has already been stained and is completely finished when installation is complete. Unfinished flooring is difficult to install in a home that is occupied. If no one is living in the home at the time, it is much more feasible.

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How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sun Damage & Discoloration in Agoura Hills, CA

Typically, the general basics about wood floor care and maintenance is related to homeowners when they get professional installation. At the very least these basics can be found with a simple amount of research. In a nut shell, keeping the wood floor dust mopped to control the dust, dirt and debris (which are natural abrasives), and ensuring the exposure is kept to a minimal are the important details. Others include staying clear of harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning implements, and avoid wearing spiked shoes on the floor. Unfortunately, few realize that direct sunlight can cause issues for hardwood floors as well. The effects are from long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The most obvious affect is discoloration, but there are other issues that can manifest with direct sunlight piercing the wood floors and we at Sequoia Flooring would like to further elaborate on the matter.

Hardwood Floor Discoloration In Direct Sunlight Compared to Under Rug for Example

It does not take too long before you notice the discoloration of the hardwood floor. Most will notice the difference in color when comparing it to areas where the sun’s light penetrates through the window as opposed to the areas protected under furniture for instance.

UV Protection & Other Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sun Fading

The hardwood floors can have irreversible damaging effects with direct sunlight in tandem with warm temperatures and/or humidity levels. No matter the effects, you can help prevent these problems all year long with the below solutions.
Hardwood Floor Sealants: The effect of sunlight on floors will vary, depending on the specific wood and color tone. Some types of wood will darken, where others will lighten after being exposed to direct sunlight. Moving the furniture around periodically can help keep the floor balanced. To help significantly reduce the sun’s rays, consider an application of specialized sun-resistant sealant. Rugs and runner are also an option to provide more barriers from the sun.
Window Treatments: The UV film for windows can block out 99% of harmful rays, making this preventative measure one of the most effective. Simply installing quality window films will help prevent fading and discoloration. Most prefer the window UV tint to having to keep the curtains closed drawn, and the window tint is easy to install. It keeps the harmful rays from penetrating through the glass and the window films still allow enough visual light transfer to flood your home with natural light. In order for blinds, drapes, and curtains to be an effective alternative method, they have to be closed to prevent the sunlight from coming through during the peak hours when the direct sunlight shines through. This option keeps homes relatively dark but preserves the health and color of your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Lightening, Darkening, Drying & Other Effects of Sunlight

Effective singularly or in harmony with others, many of these solutions will still help preserve your wood floors. Hardwood floor cannot only discolor with the sun’s harmful rays, but the floors can dry out and deteriorate far too long before their time. It is important that you take the necessary precautions when you first get them installed but it is never too late to start effective preventative sun damage.

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Hardwood Floor Installation Pattern Trends & Design Layout Ideas in Alhambra, CA

When we decorate our homes, every decision has purpose and meaning, even the floors. The floors might just be the biggest reflection of our own personal style because they’re the first thing most people see when they enter our home. A beautiful and intricate floor pattern can make a lasting first impression.

Hardwood Flooring Design Pattern Names

1. Straight pattern. When it comes to installing hardwood floors, the straight pattern is the most common way to do it. The planks are laid side by side from wall to wall. To make a room look as large as possible, the planks should be laid parallel to the longest wall in the room. This pattern is popular because it’s simple and effective.
2. Diagonal pattern. The diagonal pattern is similar to the straight pattern but is laid from one corner of the room to the other, instead of wall to wall. This pattern will need a little more expertise to make sure it’s installed correctly.
3. Random pattern. The widths of the planks will vary. One might be 5 inches, another 7 and a third 5. The pattern will still be consistent, the size of the planks is the only thing that will be different. The room can appear bigger and can be installed straight or diagonal. This pattern should be installed parallel to the longest wall for the proper effect.
4. Herringbone pattern. This flooring pattern is very popular today but not a good option for a small space because it can make it appear even smaller. Hardwood floors installed this way are more durable because the planks are pressed against each other which decreases the amount of movement in the floor.
5. Chevron pattern. Similar to the herringbone pattern but yet different. Herringbone and chevron are installed with equally sized blocks in a zig-zag pattern. When the boards are cut in a way that places the end of each plank to the side of another, it’s herringbone. When the blocks are cut on an angle and form a straight line where each piece meets the end of another, it’s chevron.
6. Brick pattern. This floor pattern will look like the pattern that brickwork makes. This pattern can be applied to a smaller area with a border, or the whole floor. The brick pattern can easily complement design patterns that are more complicated.
7. Basket weave pattern. This pattern looks great in any room regardless of size. It is usually done with maple and oak and installed parallel to the walls of the room. This pattern is usually created with lighter color woods but adding darker pieces like walnut can accentuate the pattern and create a unique look.

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Some of these patterns work better in certain rooms than others. A professional hardwood flooring contractor can go over all the pattern options and help you pick the best one. At Sequoia Flooring, we’re committed to quality installation. If you’re ready to talk to someone about your hardwood flooring project, give us a call!


When are Hardwood Floors Beyond Refinishing & Repair in Azusa, CA? Reasons for Replacement

Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular as people are shying away from carpeted areas and looking for beautiful hard floor options. There is an aesthetic beauty that hardwood brings into your home that can’t be achieved any other way. However, there are times that hardwood flooring needs to be replaced rather than refinished or repaired. Sequoia Flooring is here to talk about when hardwood flooring should be replaced.

Hardwood Floors Too Thin to Be Refinished Again

You can only refinish hardwood flooring so many times and here’s why; during the refinishing process, the floor has to be sanded down to get rid of the current finish as well as get rid of any nicks and scratches caused to the floor. Each time this is done, the wood gets a little thinner, until it is too thin to refinish again. On average, you can refinish wood between three and five times before you need to plan on replacing it rather than refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Warping from Water Damage

Any time you experience water damage to wood, there really isn’t any way to repair it. The warping that comes from water is the worst thing that can happen to hardwood. Water will cause the wood to have gaps, peel up and buckle. You will find that there are likely many areas of your floor that have a feeling of instability after experiencing water damage. If you have experienced any type of water damage in your home and it made its way to your hardwood flooring, you need to plan on replacement rather than a refinish.

Width of Hardwood Flooring Planks

Believe it or not, there are several design choices available to you when you choose to put hardwood flooring in your home. Traditionally speaking, in the past people chose hardwood planks that were 2 ¼ inch wide planks. Now more homeowners are choosing wider planks for their homes. If you have decided that you want to choose wider planks, you will need to take out the old hardwood and replace it with the design that you are after.

Changing Hardwood Floor Wood Type

Just like the design choices that are available to you when you are choosing your hardwood, the wood options are seemingly endless as well. While in the past oak was a common choice, now homeowners are likely to choose bamboo, Brazilian cherry and maple to make their home look more stylish. There are some woods like the ones listed above that are harder than others and prove to offer more durability as well.

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If you have decided that you are interested in refinishing or replacing your hardwood flooring, you can count on the flooring specialists at Sequoia Flooring to deliver outstanding results. We have extensive knowledge and experience that makes us your leading choice in hardwood flooring services. We offer refinishing, installation, replacement and repair options for all types of hardwood flooring. Call us today for your free consultation.


How to Tell if Your Hardwood Floors Need to be Refinished in Baldwin Park, CA; Moisture Test & More

All homeowners will claim to simply love their wooden floors. It is a worthy investment to their home. However just like any material, wood requires maintenance. Solid hardwood floors will occasionally need to be refinished. When a wood floor need to be refinished it often involves stripping the floor, sanding the wood and resealing the wood to maintain a smooth and protected finish. However, most homeowners will wait way too long before they have their floor refinished. Sequoia Flooring will share a few signs that you need to refinish your wood floor to ensure your investment lasts.

Worn Spots on Hardwood Floors

In areas with high foot traffic such as the kitchen, hallways, and living rooms, the wood floor will have worn spots. Worn spots may appear as faded trails in the wood. They may have scratches and even appear dry. Due to the frequent foot traffic, the wood’s protective sealer often gets worn away the fastest creating worn spots in the floor. To prevent damage to the wood it is important that the wood floor gets refinished when these wear down spots occur.

Wood Floor Moisture Test Fail

To know if your wood floor needs to be refinished you can also perform a water test. This test is simple. Pour a small amount of water on any spot of the floor. What did the water do? If the water splashed into tiny droplets that stayed on the surface of the wood, it passed the water test and your wood floor is fine. However, if the water soaks into the wood, this indicates the sealer is mostly gone and moisture and other contaminants can get inside the wood. After finishing the wood, the sealer will prevent water from soaking inside the wood.

Deep Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Over time it is natural for micro scratches to occur on the floor’s surface. However, when deeper scratches begin to appear on the floor, this can become a problem. Deep scratches can expose the inner layer of the wood which makes it prone to water damage as well as dry damage. Additionally, deep scratches make the wood look old and worn. When deep scratches appear it is a good time to have the wood floor refinished.

Hardwood Floor Discoloration

When the sealer wears down the wood can become lightened after extended periods of time when exposed to the sun. The sun can dry out the wood and even discolor the wood making it appear lighter. When the wood is dry and light, it is never a good sign. Dry wood will lead to major splits and cracks in the wood and often the wood will need to be replaced. When discoloration occurs, have the wood refinished. Additionally, areas exposed to sunlight should be protected with a rug or furniture if possible.

Hardwood Floor Installation, Refinishing, Repair & More in Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale, San Pedro, Torrance, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Wood requires some maintenance from time to time. Most wood floors can go between 5 to 10 years in between refinishes. However, wood floors exposed to heavy traffic or are neglected, will require more frequent refinishes. It is important to know how to care for wood floors to ensure their longevity. If you need professional help installing or refinishing your home’s wood floorscontact Sequoia Flooring today.


Tips from Hardwood Floor Installers in Bell Gardens, CA; Subfloor, Acclimation, Layout & More

When making the investment to install real hardwood floor, most people never know how difficult it can actually be. Natural hardwood floors have a lot of additional steps during the installation process that is essential to ensure caring for the wood to prevent damage and quality installation. Installers wished more homeowners knew the additional steps that goes into installing hardwood floor for these reasons. To better understand, Sequoia Flooringwill share the top three unknown facts about installing natural hardwood floors to ensure longevity of the flooring and what to expect from proper installation.

Subfloor Condition

When installing hardwood floors, the wood will lay on top of a subfloor, which in most homes is made of concrete or plywood. The condition of the subfloor is important to the wood flooring. If the subfloor is made of concrete and is cracked, it can allow moisture to affect the wood. Rotting plywood is a poor foundation for the hardwood floor and can also prematurely decay the wood. Before laying hardwood flooring it is important to assess the condition of the subfloor and replace or repair the subfloor before laying the flooring or you may have squeaky, loose, or warped flooring as a result.

What Happens if You Don’t Acclimate Hardwood Floor

What many homeowner don’t know before installing the flooring is that the flooring materials will need to be acclimated first. Mostly in the case of concrete subfloors as concrete can hold in moisture and can change in temperature throughout the year. When moisture or change of temperature effects natural wood, the wood will expand and contract. So basically the floor will move. To prevent a major installation disaster, installers will acclimate the planks to a moderate temperature and moisture levels before they begin installing the hardwood floor. This step will help ensure the material care and quality of installation.

Hardwood Floor Layout Pattern

When it comes to installing in small rooms, it is recommended to start on the furthest corner from the door and work your way down and out of the room. This prevents the need to walk over the partially installed floor to help prevent poor installation. However, this concept doesn’t always apply especially when it comes to installing in open floor plans or larger areas. When laying out the floor, most installers start at the focal points. Natural wood floor planks are unique and not one plank looks the same. Even the same type of wood will vary in color and pattern since no one tree is the same. Wood floors will come from a number of trees of the same species. Therefore, they are still unique. Often installers will pick the best planks to be installed at the focal point and the less pleasing pieces on the outer edges on in more discreet locations. Additionally, they will use the planks with patterns that vary yet blends together for a unified floor.

Hardwood Floor Installation, Replacement & More in Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale, San Pedro, Torrance, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

When installing hardwood floors it important to know how to properly install and care for the wood floors to ensure that your investment lasts for decades. Sequoia Flooring can help ensure your hardwood floor gets installed properly and with care. If you want quality flooring and installation, come and see Sequoia Flooring today.