How to Tell if Wood Floors Need to Be Refinished in San Pedro, CA; Discolored, Sun Faded & More

Frequently increasing a home’s value, being durable, and fitting in with any interior design and with the assortment of color options, the hardwood floors in your home are well worth the investment. Known for their fairly easy maintenance, the sturdiness of the wood floors is among the many benefits. When it does come to maintenance, one of the projects that applies to a wood floors is refinishing. Professional refinishing ensures quality, precision, and can help the untrained homeowners avoid causing damage doing it themselves. Part of the refinishing is sanding out the blemishes, which is not only messy, but if it is not done correctly, damage can result in replacing the floor. If you believe your hardwood floors are due for a refinishing service, you need the experts of Sequoia Flooring. Below, we have included a list of signs that indicate your wood floors are due for a refinishing service.

Tips for Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

1) Discolored and sun faded hardwood flooring. Discoloration is one of the primary signs that suggest your floor needs refinishing. The dull, faded discoloring is typically caused by the sunlight or moisture damage, though it may not always be obvious. Most spills from substances that cause the staining can also be sanded out during this process. More often than not, the faded discoloration from sun or moisture exposure is not always noticed until furniture is moved around and exposes the original color. Moisture damage should be addressed first, otherwise it will continue to ruin your floor and sanding may not be enough but replacing the planks may be necessary.
2) Scratches on Hardwood Floors. The wear is usually subtle. The scuffs and scratches may only reflect when the light hits it just right or you see it specific angles. The finish can also suffer wear from excessive foot traffic or if harsher chemicals were ever used to clean the floor. Refinishing is the most efficient method to remedy these blemishes. The flaws on the top layer of the wood flooring is sanded away, along with the old finish, allowing homeowners to either refinish with the same color or even change it up. The wood floors are susceptible to the elements and further damage if not properly sealed with the finish, making it crucial you get your floors refinished if any damage exposes the raw wood.
3) Warping & Other Hardwood Floor Water Damage. Floorboards that are decaying, curled, bending, or showing other indications of severe damage or age would need to be repaired or replaced in part of the refinishing process. Severely damaged floorboards cannot be refinished. But because it can be difficult to math the precise color, most like to do the refinishing and change the staining color.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services & More in Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale, San Pedro, Torrance, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Wood floors that may have lost some luster and shine are likely only in need of a deep cleaning. You can take on this project yourself or hire a pro but weary of how you deep clean your wood floors to avoid any moisture damage. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer and label’s directions on products you need to use. When your wood floors require a refinishingcall Sequoia Floors and let our experts get the refinishing done quickly and efficiently.

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