How To Clean The Wooden Floor Properly, Do’s And Don’ts?

When cleaning the wooden floor, there are things we can do and others that you must absolutely avoid in order not to cause damage. Washing it is not terribly complicated, but there are a few things to know to proceed correctly without risk. The first important thing to know is that you cannot wash and clean it like any other surface. In fact, wood is much more delicate and requires more attention. You must absolutely avoid any aggressive intervention regarding the products to be used and how they are cleaned.

What not to do

  • Do not wash the wooden floor by dousing it, using plenty of water, and waiting for it to dry. The wood absorbs it and traps it, remaining moist for a very long time and ruining itself.
  • Do not use alcoholic or aggressive products (such as bleach), which can damage the wood.
  • Do not use tools, such as the toothed floor scrub stick, which could scratch the wooden floor accidentally.
  • When cleaning, it is better to avoid moving heavy furniture by dragging it on the floor; otherwise, it will scratch.
  • It is also better to avoid steam machines (for example, the Vaporetto) to remove any stains. Steam is still water at high temperatures, which impregnates the wood.
  • Do not use hot water.

These, in principle, are the guidelines to follow in order not to mix things up and not to damage the wood in a sometimes irreparable way. On the contrary, there are some things to do that can help you in your mission to clean the wooden floor.

What to do

Wipe the floor with a slightly damp cloth at least once a week.

  • Wipe with a dust-catching cloth daily
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Use a wood-specific product (but if you prefer, just water is sufficient) or a neutral and very delicate product.
  • Purchase floor rags designed for wood or special tools that can be found on the market
  • Go over the surface gently, avoiding as much as possible to cause scratches or dents
  • Once you have finished wiping with the damp cloth, polish with a dry cotton cloth

In general, we must know that solid wood, i.e., the entirely noble one, is more delicate than pre-finished ones, which are more resistant. The rules mentioned above do not apply to the latter, but only that you can be a little more relaxed because you run a little less risk. If you cannot clean the stains on your wooden floor after so much effort, it’s time to look for professional services for Wood floor refinishing woodland Hills.

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