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At Sequoia Flooring, we offer a wide variety of hardwood flooring Sales and installations to best meet your needs. Floating hardwood flooring is one of them. You can count on our team of flooring experts to deliver superior floating hardwood floors when you choose us to install them for you. Here is a little more information about floating hardwood floors.

Unlike other hardwood flooring installations, floating hardwood floors attach to each other rather than a subfloor. The wood flooring is literally floating on the subfloor. It is a fast installation that makes it an increasingly popular one.
There are several benefits that come from a floating hardwood floor.
– Subfloor Flexibility: If you have a surface that is level and flat, you can have floating hardwood floors installed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made out of a certain material like other flooring choices.
– Easy Removal: If you ever decide that you aren’t crazy about your flooring and want a change, you can easily remove a floating hardwood floor. Removal is quick and you don’t have to worry about changing your mind.
– Cost Effective: Having a floating hardwood floor installed in your home is generally less expensive when compared to other types of hardwood flooring.
– Design Options: Engineered hardwood flooring is the type of flooring used for floating hardwood floors. The design options are limitless when you choose this flooring. They come in many colors and styles.
Sequoia Flooring can handle all your hardwood flooring installation needs as we offer floating, nail down and glue down methods. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine the best installation method for your home or business.

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Robin and Tanya C

Robin and Tanya C

Los Angeles CA

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work.

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work. From beginning to finish! Brian has extraordinary communication skills and worked with us to meet our every near and request. 2 years later, we bought another beautiful home...We are sitting here at the Sequoia flooring store ordering new flooring with Brian for our new home - again! Needless to say, we are extremely excited about our new wood floors to be and pleased that we will be able to work with Brian and his crew again. I highly recommend SEQUOIA FLOORING - for your home or office!

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