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Hardwood Flooring Sales.

If you have decided that you want hardwood flooring installed in your home, choosing the right flooring can be overwhelming. There are so many options available to you that you may not know where to even start. At Sequoia Flooring, our sales team has the training and experience to help you choose the flooring that will work with the overall design of your home as well as the flooring that will best fit your lifestyle.

At Sequoia Flooring, our sales team has a large network of retail flooring partners so that we can ensure your hardwood flooring needs are met. This allows us to have a wide selection of hardwood flooring choices for you to choose from. Our friendly staff will be there every step of the way to help you make a hardwood floor selection that will help to bring beauty into your home as well as functionality.
The best way to make the right selection for your home is with samples. We have all the samples that you need to take home your favorites to see how well they work with the design of your home. You often can’t tell which flooring will look the best with your home’s color palette until you see it in the space.
At Sequoia Flooring, it is our goal to deliver the best in customer service. We strive for excellence as our staff is constantly working to offer helpful, knowledgeable advice during the hardwood selection process. And after you choose the type of hardwood flooring for your home or office, we can advice on the best installation method to suit your needs. Call us today!

Give your home the exquisite hardwood flooring decor with Sequoia Flooring

Once you decide to get hardwood flooring installed in your home, opting for the right flooring can be a tough decision unless you have Sequoia Flooring by your side. With so many options at hand, you would hardly know what to choose or what would be the right option for your home. We have a fully trained team of sales professionals who can guide you perfectly to choose the type of flooring that would go aptly with your home interiors and would complement your lifestyle as well.

At Sequoia Flooring, we bring to you a huge collection of partners in retail flooring so that all your hardwood flooring requirements are fulfilled. This literally means that you are spoilt for choices and we have a very knowledgeable sales team along with friendly staff members who guide you at every step of your decision making.

In short, we guarantee that you get the best options for your home to look vibrant, beautiful and classy at the same time.  We also keep you posted about the various features of different types of hardwood flooring so that you can take a smart and fully sorted decision as per your home decor and surroundings. We make sure to let you know about water proof hardwood flooring so that you don’t have to worry about spilling anything on your hardwood flooring as it can be cleaned easily.

Our hardwood flooring is scratch and dent proof so that it can render the timeless look to your home for years to come. Whether you go for oak flooring or walnut stairs, we have the best options lined up for you and once you go through our successful projects you are going to love the idea of installing the same for your home. The maple flooring is equally classy and add a unique grandeur to your home.

We have the most diligent sales team on board to guide you into making the best decisions as they are equally trained about product information as the installation experts and if required they will visit you personally to see your home and help you decide about the flooring styles that suit your home the best.

They would even go the extra mile to measure your rooms to make sure that there’s no wastage and so that you get the best prices quoted for the products and services you avail from us. They are even capable of providing you with extra advice on the right flooring types as well as the accessories to go with them.

At Sequoia Flooring, we perfectly understand that our products and services alone wouldn’t create that impression that’s needed for us to be the best in the industry and this is where we realized that our staff and sales team also need to be the best in the industry.

With the best in class Hardwood Flooring Sales and Installation team we have made a difference ever since for our clients who keep coming for all their flooring solutions because they know that Sequoia Flooring is the name that they can always trust for all their flooring solutions.

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(818) 538-5935
Robin and Tanya C

Robin and Tanya C

Los Angeles CA

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work.

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work. From beginning to finish! Brian has extraordinary communication skills and worked with us to meet our every near and request. 2 years later, we bought another beautiful home...We are sitting here at the Sequoia flooring store ordering new flooring with Brian for our new home - again! Needless to say, we are extremely excited about our new wood floors to be and pleased that we will be able to work with Brian and his crew again. I highly recommend SEQUOIA FLOORING - for your home or office!

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