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Hardwood Floor Installation.

Having your hardwood flooring installed correctly is the key to beautiful hardwood flooring. At Sequoia Flooring, we have the training and experience to deliver superior hardwood floor installation services to our customers every time you choose us. Here is a little information about our flooring installation services.

At Sequoia Flooring, we specialize in three different methods of hardwood installation. Following is more information about each of these methods.
Nail Down: If the hardwood you have chosen for your home is ¾” solid wood flooring, the nail down method is often used. Nails are used to attach the flooring to the subfloor beneath it. The subfloor must always be wooden as well with this method.
Glue Down: For those have chosen tongue and groove engineered hardwood floor, an adhesive is spread on the subfloor before the engineered flooring is laid down. Parquet flooring is also installed using this method.
Floating: Engineered wood flooring is also installed using the floating method. When this method is used, no part of the flooring is fastened to the subfloor. A thin underlayment pad is placed on the subfloor before the wood planks or installed to help with moisture control as well as noise control. This is a fast installation method that yields great results.
There are many considerations to make when choosing the right hardwood for your home. Following are some of the different factors you should consider about when making your selection.
Color: You can choose hardwood that is anywhere from light to intensely dark depending on your preferences. Lighter hardwood is generally used in more contemporary settings while darker colors are used in homes with a more traditional style.
Character: One of the beauties of hardwood is the variation the grain of the planks. Dramatic grain is used in more rustic settings and delivers a lot of character in the wood. You may want a more sleek finish with a subtle grain.
Construction: You can choose between two different major types of hardwood flooring; engineered and solid. Solid planks are made from a single piece of wood while engineered is made up of several layers of wood to make each plank. This is best used in places with high humidity.
Finishes: The finishes vary just like color does. You can choose scraped hardwood flooring, wiring techniques, and more. You can also choose from glossy to lustre to give your hardwood the style you are looking for.
No matter what type of hardwood flooring you choose for your home, there isn’t a better company to entrust the installation with than Sequoia Flooring. We will ensure your flooring is installed with precision. When you choose us to handle your flooring installation, you know the job will be done right and you will be able to enjoy your hardwood flooring for years to come. Call us today for more information about our installation services.

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Robin and Tanya C

Robin and Tanya C

Los Angeles CA

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work.

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work. From beginning to finish! Brian has extraordinary communication skills and worked with us to meet our every near and request. 2 years later, we bought another beautiful home...We are sitting here at the Sequoia flooring store ordering new flooring with Brian for our new home - again! Needless to say, we are extremely excited about our new wood floors to be and pleased that we will be able to work with Brian and his crew again. I highly recommend SEQUOIA FLOORING - for your home or office!

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