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Are your hardwood floors starting to lose their shine? If they are looking dull, scratched or even faded, it is time to call on the flooring professionals at Sequoia Flooring. Our flooring experts have the training and experience it takes to make your hardwood flooring look like the day it was installed. Our hardwood floor refinishing services are a way to make them beautiful again without the high cost of replacement. When you choose us, you know you will receive nothing short of high quality workmanship that will far exceed your expectations.

There are many benefits that come from refinishing your hardwood floors. Following are some of the immediate benefits you can expect:
– New Appearance: As your hardwood ages, you may notice that the sheen starts to wear from the surface of your hardwood. This can cause your hardwood to have a dull look. When you have them refinished, that sheen is renewed and they will have their shine back.
– Repair of Scratches & Stains: No matter how diligent you are to protect your hardwood flooring, it is bound to get some scratches and dings with the constant foot traffic. The flooring experts at Sequoia Flooring will be able to remove these blemishes from the surface of your hardwood along with other marks like stains and scuffs.
– Increased Property Value: One of the first things a potential buyer will look at when walking through your house is your flooring. When you have your floors refinished, they will show well and you have a better chance at getting the most for your home. Refinished floors attract higher offers.
– Protection: After sanding and staining your hardwood flooring, the team at Sequoia Flooring will apply a two-part topcoat sealer on your wood flooring. This will help to protect it from future wear and use. Not only is it a protection from daily traffic on your flooring, but also termite damage as well.
Getting your hardwood flooring refinished is a process and the professionals at Sequoia Flooring will do everything we can to work around your schedule for a time that is most convenient for you. Once we get started, the flooring will be completely sanded twice to remove any old stain and topcoat still there. This will also remove the blemishes in your hardwood in preparation for the new stain. After applying an even coat of new stain, it is given the appropriate time to dry completely. Finally, the top coat and protective coating will be applied to your flooring to give it the finished polish you are looking for. We add three to four coats of polyurethane and then buff and screen the floors to smooth them out and scuff up the top layer so that the polyurethane sticks in better. At the conclusion of this process, your floors will look good as new! This protective coating is one of the most important aspects of the refinishing process as it works to protect your floors in the future.
If you are interested in having your hardwood flooring refinished, you can count on Sequoia Flooring to do it right. When we are finished, you flooring will look brand new again. Call us today!

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Robin and Tanya C

Robin and Tanya C

Los Angeles CA

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work.

We had Brian do the flooring for our home, it was absolutely amazing work. From beginning to finish! Brian has extraordinary communication skills and worked with us to meet our every near and request. 2 years later, we bought another beautiful home...We are sitting here at the Sequoia flooring store ordering new flooring with Brian for our new home - again! Needless to say, we are extremely excited about our new wood floors to be and pleased that we will be able to work with Brian and his crew again. I highly recommend SEQUOIA FLOORING - for your home or office!

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