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Hardwood Floor Installation: Cost And Duration

After all, hardwood floor flooring gives any room a regal feel, making it a popular choice for homeowners with properties ranging from country houses to city apartments. Installing hardwood floors can transform your living space, creating a timeless, classic, and contemporary aesthetic. But how much does hardwood floor cost, and how long does it take to lay wooden flooring?

How much does the hardwood floor cost? 

The prices for laying a traditional hardwood floor are higher than for the pre-finished one because the time and labor are greater than for the laying of a pre-finished hardwood floor. The cost of solid wood hardwood floors is also far higher than that of pre-finished hardwood floors.

But there are different factors that affect Hardwood Floor Installation Cost Los Angeles. Let’s see them together:

Shape of the room- Even for a hardwood flooring specialist, it will be much easier to work with a standard square-shaped living room than an oddly shaped room. The complexity of the room’s shape will affect the price tag – for example, those with unconventional indentations and angles will require more technical installation skills as the flooring will need to be cut to size.

Existing condition- Before getting a quote, it is important to check the condition of your current floor. Is it level, or have the beams expanded, causing swelling on the surface? If additional work is needed to prepare the surface, this will add to the total cost.

If there are some quick fixes that you or a trained professional can do before installation, this will reduce the cost of installing the floor.

How long does it take to lay wooden flooring?

As far as laying is concerned, solid hardwood floor takes longer, up to 15-20 days, while pre-finished hardwood floor can also be laid on the same day, given that the finishing is already done in the company.

For this reason, it is preferable to use traditional hardwood floors in newly built houses, where the laying times can be waited for; while the pre-finished hardwood floor is ideal for renovations, the pre-finished hardwood floor can also be glued onto the pre-existing floor.


The Criteria For Choosing The Parquet Store

If you have to buy a wooden floor for your home, you will have to face several issues. Some are aesthetic, such as the color of the parquet or the surface finish; other techniques, if two or three layers; still, others are related to the type of heating you will choose for your home. Also, the choice of the interlocutor to whom to entrust the wooden floor of your home must take into account the ability, of the same, to face and resolve the technical aspects and to take care of the aesthetic aspects but also to know the financial aspects and to help you, in the after-sales, with the maintenance of the floor.

So let’s see what criteria help you make a weighted choice.

The screed is part of the wooden floor.

The interlocutor who can provide you with both the wooden floor and the screed should be preferred. Having a single interlocutor who creates both the support layer and the supply and installation of the wooden floor prevents you, in the event of problems, from witnessing unpleasant blame games.

The contract for the parquet is better. 

The Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Los Angeles, who carries out the work “under contract,” should be preferred over the interlocutor who offers you only the sale of wood with separate installation. With the contract, you are much more legally protected than with other formulas, such as the sale with separate installation or the sole sale and then the indication of a third-party installer who issues a separate invoice.

Determine the reliability of the parquet supplier

Today you can buy any product in many ways: online, through representatives, through shops, through artisans, or even directly from the manufacturer. But which of these is more reliable for buying a parquet? A few years ago, checking the reliability of suppliers was difficult, but today, in addition to word of mouth, you also have the opportunity to examine the online reviews of the shop or the craftsman.

Availability of the supplier on time 

What has just been said also applies to the availability of the supplier over time? If the company where you were thinking of buying hardwood flooring is financially weakened, it will probably be gone in a few years. In that case, you have to hope that your floor never has any kind of problem.


Wooden Floors: Types And Tips To Keep In Mind!

The wooden floor, in addition to having a particular and timeless charm, is becoming an increasingly popular choice over the years, also thanks to the new production techniques that have significantly reduced costs.

There are three different types of flooring, each with its own characteristics:

  • Solid wood, highly prized and sanded countless times during processing, was the most used until a few decades ago;
  • Prefinished, multi-layered wood manages to combine all the aesthetic quality of a solid wood floor with superior technical performance and a competitive cost; this type of wooden floor is ideal in the presence of underfloor heating systems because it has greater stability;
  • Laminated wood is characterized by kneaded and glued wood fibers, over which the grain and colors of the wood are printed.

Mistakes to avoid:

Do not consider the duration

Any parquet, both in real and fake wood, has duration over time that is influenced by various factors and absolutely cannot be neglected because the goodness of the economic investment that one chooses to make in this depends on this type of floor. This parameter does not only depend on the quality of the product chosen but more on the use it is made of: in fact, it is necessary to take some precautions, including avoiding the use of steam cleaners or floor cleaning robots, using a neutral detergent soap with hot water and periodically with maintenance waxes;

Choosing the wrong color

Talking about the “color” of the parquet floor is inaccurate because wood even reproduced in laminates and vinyl, has a series of aesthetic characteristics that cannot be ignored to understand what the final effect will be. To imagine the final result of the laid floor, it is necessary to consider, in addition to the basic essence, these elements: the appearance of the surface (understanding how visible the veins and knots of the wood are), the dimensions of every single plank, which will give the final effect once placed side by side and, lastly, the presence or absence of the bevel, or rather the escape route dug into the edges of each plank, which highlights the “composition” of the floor.

Watch out for pairings!

People often don’t pay attention to the combination of flooring, doors, and other furnishing elements: however, it would be an important aspect to take into consideration since it would be enough to create continuity or detachment according to taste.

For light-colored floors, the advice is to choose doors in nuances of white, gray, dove gray, or natural wood, while a dark-colored floor will look great with light colors in stark contrast, thus avoiding a too gloomy effect within the home;

Contact non-qualified resellers

Even if the intervention of floating or glue laying of prefinished parquet may seem easy (some even opt for the do-it-yourself), there are some tricks that only a professional in the sector knows: in addition to assessing the state of the current floor and carry out any leveling operations, an expert will be able to spread the sheets in an optimal way (especially for floating installation) and apply the parquet planks with the right measurements.

That’s why it’s important to rely on experts: choose a professional Hardwood Flooring Showroom!

Restoring An Old Wooden Floor

Buying a period house involves a great deal of renovation. Anyone who decides to take this path is certainly someone attentive to the elegance and harmony of a living environment, as well as fascinated by the canonical classic and timeless beauty.

What does it mean to restore a wooden floor?

Like a work of art, hardwood flooring needs to be restored to bring out its former natural beauty.

A characteristic of parquet is that it acquires value over time. Laying patterns typical of past decades that are no longer produced today have acquired invaluable cultural and historical value and prestige over the years. Antique parquet is steeped in history and speaks of the experience and study of the craftsmen who laid it. Witness effective ancient practices and a piece in the development of technologies.

A vintage wooden floor has a timeless charm capable of conquering the viewer.

The process of refinishing the wooden floor to restore its shine

When properly treated, wood is a renewable material many times over. Wood floor refinishing Malibu consists of three phases: sanding, cleaning, and treatment.

  • By sanding, the superficial layer of varnish or wax and a small layer of noble lamella are removed. This operation makes it possible to correct defects and signs of wear caused by foot traffic over the years, making the floor look new again.
  • Subsequently, the cleaning process is carried out with special machines to finish with the new treatment layer.
  • This last step, very important, acts both as a finish and as a protective film of the wood from external agents.

These three steps, if performed by expert hands, will give new life to the wooden floor, which will once again decorate the house. Your home will tell a story – a history of commitment and dedication, love for beauty, and enhancement of tradition, design, and culture.

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Refinishing Or Resurfacing The Flooring?

Damaged Hardwood Flooring? Refinishing Or Resurfacing The Flooring?

Many of the old houses built with wooden floors are now crumbling. If this happens on wood floors, you may wonder if the solution is to rebuild the entire floor or refinish the wood since resurfacing treatment and refinishing are used interchangeably. But their meaning is slightly different. Refer to the following articles to learn more about the basics of each process and how they differ.

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Wood floor refinishing Malibu essentially means renovation. Floor polishing includes:

  • Remove varnishes, seals, and stains from floors
  • Sand the top layer of the floor to reveal the exposed wood and its natural grain
  • Apply a new stain or varnish
  • Apply a new layer of sealant

Since it is a somewhat superficial task, “finishing” can be done on many different types of flooring, such as tile and laminate, but the exact process depends on the surface. If you have a natural wood veneer covering a synthetic core, you can finish it 2-3 times (depending on the thickness of the veneer) before exposing the core.

What is resurfacing wood floors?

Resurfacing includes all of the above but much more. If painting is a cosmetic task, painting is structural. Works where there is actual damage to wood, planks, and/or fasteners (screws).

Resurfacing hardwood floors means repairing them. Remove and replace baseboards, sand the baseboards flat, and reinforce the floor with new screws. When everything is finished, the floor can be finished.

DIY or Pro use?

Depending on the floor area, the finishing process may take several days. It may take several weeks for the surface to appear.

That’s if a word expert does it. Trying to do it yourself will take more time. Finishing is not beyond the scope of the do-it-yourselfer. It’s messy and smelly work, but for the most part, you need an orbital sander. Unless you are an experienced carpenter, you are not recommended to retile yourself. You will need a full set of tools, including a chainsaw, sander, and nail gun.


If the floor only has scratches and scuffs, it is better to refinish it than to refinish it. This restores the original shine and is less invasive. Refinishing is the process of removing only the top layer of existing flooring (including the finish) and replacing it with a new layer rather than removing the old floor completely.

But if the floor is in very bad condition, it is recommended to rebuild or resurface it instead. It is expensive and time-consuming, but it actually creates a completely new surface.

Whichever method you choose, don’t let your floor sit for too long without proper maintenance. The longer you wait to restore the floor, the more expensive it will be to make it look like new. Rely on a professional wood flooring store in SFV to get the help of hardwood flooring experts for wooden flooring repair and refurnishing, and resurfacing needs.


Do You Want A Wooden Floor And Don’t Know Where To Start?

In general, the choice of a wooden floor is made on the grounds of aesthetic criteria (color, grain, treatments) and the type of use envisaged for the floor itself. Before choosing the color, however, it is advisable to think about where the floor will be laid and how it will fit into the environment.

It should not be forgotten that the humidity and temperature of the environment greatly affect the stability of the wood, i.e., the perfect seal in various climatic/environmental conditions; for these reasons, it is often advisable to choose woods with good stability and medium hardness. You can buy high-quality hardwood floors at the best price from Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Los Angeles showroom.

Why choose a wooden floor

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Wear resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness:
  • Ease of maintenance:

Traditional hardwood floor and predefined hardwood floor: the differences

“Traditional hardwood floor” or “solid wood” is a floor made from various elements all of the same wood species. Usually, it varies from 10 to 22 mm in thickness, all in essence.

The “prefinished hardwood floor” is instead composed of two or more layers of different wood; Fir and Birch are the ones that are the most popular. The top layer (the walkable face) of the “prefinished hardwood floor” must not be less than 2.5 mm thick.

Multilayer or predefined hardwood floor: characteristics and composition

It is a series of wooden layers that undergo various processes from calibration to sanding, passing from the processing on the sides to obtain the tongue and groove joint up to the varnishing.

It is composed of an upper layer known as the “noble layer,” which is the walkable face of the “multilayer hardwood floor,” while the underlying layers have the task of keeping the floor stable by contrasting its natural reaction to environmental conditions. These characteristics make the “prefinished hardwood floor” or “multilayer” ideal for quality and durability over time and extremely easy and quick to assemble.

Can hardwood floors be laid on a heated floor?

Of course: the important thing is to take some precautions.

The heating must be turned off at least 5/6 days before laying the floor, and the surface temperature of the screed at the time of lying must be around 15/20°C with a maximum ambient humidity of 65%.

The humidity of the hardwood floor must be carefully checked before lying to verify that it does not exceed the maximum permitted values. When laying floating floors, the thermal resistance of the soundproofing layer (approximately 2.5 mm thick) to be placed under the floor must be considered.

When lying with glues, it is advisable to put the heating on for a few days before starting to smooth the hardwood floor; this is in order to allow the floor to settle before grouting. Do all this seems like a hassle to you, it is better to rely on a professional Hardwood Flooring Showroom for sale and installation of hardwood floors by experts.


How Much Does It Cost To Finish Hardwood Floors

How Much Does It Cost To Finish Hardwood Floors (cover and screen)?

Is your hardwood floor full of scratches, and its finishing has vanished? It’s time to go for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles. But how much will it cost to refinish your old hardwood floor? Keep reading this article to explore the cost, as it varies based on various variables.

Cost to screen and finish hardwood floor: per square foot.

When to screen and coat hardwood: This method is ideal when only the polyurethane protecting the floor has been defaced, but the underlying wood is in good condition. Professionals recommend recoating the floor once every three years or as often as needed to protect the wood from damage and delay the need for refinishing.

How to screen and panel hardwood: The room is cleaned before being screened using a mechanical swab (most common) or by hand. After you’ve vacuumed the floor, you’ll need to fix it. This allows you to remove dust with a microfibre cloth. The final step in screening and paneling hardwood is to apply a coat of polyurethane.

Cost To Sand And Finish Hardwood Floors

Refinishing your hardwood floor involves removing the top layer of damaged wood and applying a new finish.

  • Professional cost to refinish hardwood floors: – per square foot.
  • Hardwood refinishing is possible when scratches, dents, or stains have caused damage to the wood. This applies to all types of wood, not just polyurethane sealants.
  • How to refinish hardwood: Polyurethane and enough wood are sanded to remove light damage. Wood filler can be used to repair or replace severely scratched wooden planks. Vacuum the floor and then fix it. If you wish to alter the color of the wood, the first coat can be a combination stain/polyurethane product. Combination products like oil-based Minwax PolyShades and water-based Cabot Polystain are good choices.

Are you looking for a high-quality, durable floor finish? Rely on professional Hardwood Floor Refinishers Los Angeles.

Flooring Contractors Los Angeles

5 Tips For Choosing The Flooring For Your Home

Choosing the right floor can turn into a real challenge, especially if you don’t start off on the right foot and, more precisely, with the right awareness! Precisely for this reason, today, this blog offers you a small handbook divided into five simple but very useful tips. Let’s get started now!

  1. The first step? Evaluate needs and preferences

Having clear ideas is important in any situation, even when it comes to selecting suitable flooring for your property. Therefore, before starting your search, make a list of needs and preferences

  • What materials and colors do you prefer?
  • Which room or rooms is the floor for?
  • Do you have any particular flooring needs or preferences (e.g., do you want a spatula effect or a non-slip surface)?

Answering these questions can help you understand what you want and, above all, communicate well with the professional who will be chosen to carry out the work. He, too, will be able to better understand what to do to meet specific needs, as well as understand which solutions to propose.

  1. The style of furniture you choose is an excellent guide

To choose the ideal floor, it is useful to follow the style of the chosen furniture or, in any case, the one you are going to select. Imagining the new flooring alongside the furnishings will help you make the right choice. When possible, combining a floor tile or plank with furniture can be an excellent idea. If you have decided to get hardwood floors installed in your home, rely on Hardwood Floor Companies in California.

  1. Continuity is the watchword

It is clear that the best solution is always to create continuity with all the annexed rooms. Therefore, if it were not possible to have all the floors the same within the same building, it would be advisable to look for a type of floor similar to the one already present. Continuity evokes a sense of order and gives a unique character to the rooms. In terms of design, this is definitely the right path to take.

  1. Before choosing, you need to pay due attention to the details

To choose the right floor, don’t forget to carefully evaluate the product’s technical specifications. Is it lasting? Is it quality? Is it a resistant material? A little analysis is always necessary before making a definitive purchase. 

  1. The right floor in the right place!

Finally, as the last suggestion not to be underestimated, we tell you this: each flooring has its own peculiarities and can be more or less suitable for a given context. Therefore, before buying, it will be necessary to make sure that the selected floor is the right one for the environment in which it will be installed. To be clear, in outdoor environments, very resistant materials may be needed and perhaps equipped with certain treatments based on the specific location.

Likewise, a water-repellent and anything but a delicate surface will be needed in the kitchen and in the bathroom. These features will make it easier to clean the rooms and increase the durability of the floor itself. To avoid mistakes in this sense, it may be useful to choose the ideal floor using the support and suggestions of professional Flooring Contractors Los Angeles


Signs You’ve Hired A Great Hardwood Flooring Contractor In 2022

You understand why hardwood floors are a good option and how to pay for new floors. You are just required to get it installed correctly.

Laying on wooden floors is relatively easy, but mistakes can happen. You probably only want to install hardwood floors if you are very skilled in your DIY skills.

Even if you have a good handyman, you still need to be careful. A professional hardwood floor installer should know the potential pitfalls of poor floor installation and how to avoid them.

This blog will explore ways you can tell you’ve hired a great flooring contractor for Hardwood Flooring Installation California.

Have provided a detailed and complete quote in writing

Did you know that the written quote you received from your hardwood installer is actually a legally binding document? The installation cost must not only include information about wood floors and all preparations but it must also be accurately stated. They should give you details of what they will do for you as well as how much you will pay for their installation service.

Moisture control and hardwood acclimatization

Solid wood floors expand and contract according to the moisture content of the surrounding environment. It shrinks during dry winters and grows during humid summers. Before you nail wooden floors, it is important that the contractor levels the wooden floors in your home properly.

Preparation of layout

A good contractor carefully plans the layout of each room so that problems do not arise later. Not all rooms are perfectly square, not all floorboards look exactly the same, and there are areas that need attention, such as at the top of stairs, between doorways, or around fireplaces. It is important to consider these factors. It is advisable to plan the layout sooner or later.

Use enough nails

Wood floors that need to be properly secured will eventually cause problems. Some installers are notorious for using too few nails. This may be because they need to learn about it or are trying to save money. Bad fasteners lead to noise from floorboards, cracks, and floorboard shifts. There is an option.


Things To Know Before You Get An Estimate For Finishing A Hardwood Floor

A home with wooden floors is modern and comfortable, but wooden floors can start to look dull after years of wear and tear from children, pets, and everyday life. Homeowners with dull, scratched, and old hardwood floors may consider refinishing to restore them to their original condition. But how much does Wood floor refinishing Pasadena cost?

When assessing the price of wood flooring, there are usually additional factors and considerations regarding the price. This includes floor condition, repairs, carpet removal, furniture moving, cleaning, and conventional and dust-free finishes.

Condition of the floor

The better the wooden floors, the cheaper the project will be. Floors in poor condition take longer to prepare, repair and sand and incur additional labor costs. This can occur with badly damaged or warped floors. Some problems, such as deep dirt or water damage, may require the complete replacement of some panels.

Subfloor repair

For floors with severe water damage, the subfloor may need to be repaired or replaced. If the subfloor loosens and creaks, the contractor can install it over the joists to eliminate the creak. Plywood subfloors are relatively inexpensive to repair, while concrete slabs are much more expensive.

Carpet removal

Homeowners must pay extra if the wooden floor is under the carpet. The contractor will charge an additional fee to remove the carpet before refinishing the hardwood floors.

Need for moving and cleaning furniture

Everything, including furniture, must be moved out of the room before finishing with wood floors. Homeowners can ask the contractor if there is an additional cost for moving furniture out of the room or if it is included in the estimate.

Homeowners can save money by doing it themselves in advance if there is an additional fee for this service. Another issue to consider is whether the contractor will clean up at the end of the project or whether it will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Traditional or powder-free finish

Traditional panels can generate a lot of dust, which can be difficult to remove when cleaning. Powder-free paint is a less messy but more expensive solution. Professionals attach a vacuum cleaner to the sander to collect most of the dust. Dust-free panels are useful for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems or who cannot allow too much dust in their homes for health reasons.