What Colors To Choose For The Hardwood Floor?

The floor is a fundamental element in the style of the house and must coordinate with the furniture, doors, windows, and color of the walls. For this reason, the starting point in the choice is the color: from the natural shades of wood essences to the trendy white and gray shades of recent years. The possibilities are endless because, in addition to the color, you can customize the floor with the finish.

A wide range of colors and effects:

White shades

From white lime to cognac, woods with white veins adapt to small and large rooms. They give brightness and make the rooms appear larger. Combined with light walls, they create a transparent and light atmosphere; combined with bright colors, they underline its modern style.

Gray tones

Very trendy in recent years, the gray surface finishes, with a natural, brushed, or pickled effect, highlight the material and grain of the wood and enhance medium and large-sized rooms, both modern and rustic.

Golden tones

The amber grain of the wood and the natural warm variegations bring back classic worlds and are suitable for small or large environments. They enhance the look of the wood, add warmth and go well with all styles of furniture.

Red shades

They are the colors of exotic essences and give warmth, charm, and elegance in classic environments or in environments with a contemporary design. They are also very suitable in environments with ethnic decorations and furnishings. Redwoods are preferred in bright rooms with brightly colored walls.

How to match the hardwood floor to the wall color:

• Light hardwood floors provide light and blend well with dark furniture, walls, and decor, creating a unique contrast.

• Light hardwood floors match light walls for a bright and spacious look. If the environment is too large, consider the risk of it being too cold and inhumane.

• Dark hardwood floors highlight the light walls and create contrast. Shade values to avoid the dangers of an exaggeration!

• Do not combine dark hardwood floors and dark walls. If you really want to do this, make sure the room is well-lit. You risk creating an environment that is too dark.

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