The Criteria For Choosing The Parquet Store

If you have to buy a wooden floor for your home, you will have to face several issues. Some are aesthetic, such as the color of the parquet or the surface finish; other techniques, if two or three layers; still, others are related to the type of heating you will choose for your home. Also, the choice of the interlocutor to whom to entrust the wooden floor of your home must take into account the ability, of the same, to face and resolve the technical aspects and to take care of the aesthetic aspects but also to know the financial aspects and to help you, in the after-sales, with the maintenance of the floor.

So let’s see what criteria help you make a weighted choice.

The screed is part of the wooden floor.

The interlocutor who can provide you with both the wooden floor and the screed should be preferred. Having a single interlocutor who creates both the support layer and the supply and installation of the wooden floor prevents you, in the event of problems, from witnessing unpleasant blame games.

The contract for the parquet is better. 

The Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Los Angeles, who carries out the work “under contract,” should be preferred over the interlocutor who offers you only the sale of wood with separate installation. With the contract, you are much more legally protected than with other formulas, such as the sale with separate installation or the sole sale and then the indication of a third-party installer who issues a separate invoice.

Determine the reliability of the parquet supplier

Today you can buy any product in many ways: online, through representatives, through shops, through artisans, or even directly from the manufacturer. But which of these is more reliable for buying a parquet? A few years ago, checking the reliability of suppliers was difficult, but today, in addition to word of mouth, you also have the opportunity to examine the online reviews of the shop or the craftsman.

Availability of the supplier on time 

What has just been said also applies to the availability of the supplier over time? If the company where you were thinking of buying hardwood flooring is financially weakened, it will probably be gone in a few years. In that case, you have to hope that your floor never has any kind of problem.

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