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Differences Between Unfinished & Prefinished Hardwood Flooring in Culver City, CA

Unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring? Which is better and how much do they cost? The answer will probably depend on a few factors. Prefinished hardwood is hardwood that has been finished in the factory and then is installed. Unfinished hardwood is raw wood that needs to be installed, sanded and refinished on site.

Pros of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Scratch Resistant – Pre-finished hardwood floors are 7-10 times more resistant to scratches than unfinished hardwood. The reason for this is that is 6-7 coats of polyurethane and applied to it and then its oven baked with aluminum oxide which is considered the world’s second hardest substance. Unfinished hardwood will only receive 2-3 coats after it is installed in your home.
Less Messy to Install – It is also less messy. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a messy job. You’ll have sawdust everywhere and it smells bad too. The dust can be reduced with a dustless system, but it will cost more.
Faster Installation – Most projects with prefinished hardwood take about 1-2 days, but unfinished hardwood can take 4-5 plus drying time that you’ll have to stay off it. Prefinished hardwood can be walked on right after it’s installed.

Pros of Site Finished Hardwood Flooring

Smooth Hardwood Flooring Edges – This may come down to preference but with pre-finished hardwood you’ll have a slight bevel at the edges. Some people feel it makes the wood look more real while others like the smoothed out look once the floors are sanded. There will be more dirt buildup in the micro beveled edges of prefinished hardwood.
Suitable for Kitchens – Unfinished hardwood can be a better choice in kitchen because when it’s sealed onsite the edges will also get polyurethane. Prefinished hardwood sometimes lacks the polyurethane and can be prone to issues with water. You may also see the lighter color under darker colored prefinished because the stain doesn’t get all the way into the edges. This doesn’t happen with hardwood that is sanded and refinished on-site.
Best for Color Matching. If you’re looking to match hardwood from other areas of the house it will be much easier with unfinished hardwood because stain colors can be tested for a perfect match. Choosing a specific color is much easier with unfinished hardwood because colors can be mixed. Color options are limited with prefinished hardwood. Most customers will test 3-4 stain colors so they can see it in the light in your home and the space you want to have it installed. You can also test on different boards to get a better idea because some boards are lighter than others.
Cheaper – Unfinished hardwood typically costs less. Prefinished hardwood will have you paying more for the wood and less for the labor. Finished hardwood will have you spend less on the wood and more on the labor.

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Deciding between prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring can be difficult. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. You may feel overwhelmed but take the time to choose the best option for you and your home. Contact Sequoia Flooring for all the help you need!


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Tips on Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Find the best Options

The more extended hardwood floors remain in use, the more likely they will show signs of wear and dull down visually. It’s possible to refinish hardwood floors without making them seem old and worn. This is achieved by using specialized coatings and sanding procedures.

Refinishing hardwood floors does not have to break the money, depending on the method you choose. Determine the best course of action by choosing between doing the refinishing yourself and hiring Wood floor refinishing Woodland Hills professionals.

While it’s true that DIY projects may save you money compared to hiring professionals, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the proper refinishing technique to avoid making any costly mistakes. For instance, learning how to sand and apply varnish can significantly improve the final product for Wood floor refinishing Santa Monica.

Even so, while refinishing hardwood floors, you need to bear in mind the following details:

There are a few things to think about before refinishing hardwood floors, such as:

Floor plan layout

One of the first things you should do if you want to refinish your floor is identify the kind of floor you have. Different types of flooring have noticeable differences due to the finishes that are used on them. For instance, hardwood floors that aren’t made completely of solid wood may be harder to sand and buff to the proper levels to get the desired Wood floor refinishing Pasadena.

What Factor Ought to Be Considered During Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

An engineered wood floor consists of a thin layer of hardwood bonded to a plywood subfloor, with an additional thin veneer applied on top. The hardwood layer underneath an engineered wood floor may be damaged if the floor is sanded too much during installation. Knowing how much camouflage to apply can prevent this. Hardwood floors may be refinished, but only if each plank is examined individually to see whether or not it can fit under the sanding and finishing equipment.


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The Next Best Options with Hardwood flooring

After sanding, filling large gouges, dents, and gaps using a trowel filler is the fastest method for restoring floors. But if it’s done at the wrong time of year, it won’t help in the long run.

Why? Mainly, wood compresses in the winter and expands in the summer.

Floor gaps are filled while it’s cold and dry, but the filler is typically pushed out as the weather warms up and the humidity rises. This is why the summer, when humidity is high, is the best time to fill floors. For Hardwood Flooring Warehouse Los Angeles, it works fine.

Filling using a trowel isn’t foolproof, especially if you’re trying to fix very few gaps that the filler may quickly fall out of. The use of trowel filling is not an ideal solution, even in this instance. So, what exactly does one do? Complete the larger blanks. Smaller holes may be left unpatched to promote wood growth while bigger ones are filled.

What You Should Know About the Dark Marks on Floors

One of the most exciting parts of refinishing your wood floors is choosing a new stain color, such as the trendy dark Oak or luxurious Mahogany. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, grime is more visible on surfaces painted in deeper colors. You need to depend on the Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Los Angeles services.

Could we have a shiny end result instead?

It’s difficult to dispute the aesthetic value of glossy flooring, but satin finishes are gaining popularity, especially in households with small children. One reason is that satin coatings are less slippery than their glossy counterparts.

To learn more about floor finishing, please read on:

Extreme slipperiness isn’t the only reason waxed floors are dangerous; they also don’t last as long as those coated with urethane. The Hardwood Flooring Showroom is the best place to make the searches now.

Water-based polyurethane finishes have a lower volatile organic compound (VOC) concentration than their oil-based counterparts, making them safer to breathe in and less likely to cause respiratory irritation.


3 Easy Ways to Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floor

If you are thinking of refinishing the hardwood floor of your house, wait for a while! Before you begin with the refinishing process, make sure that your hardwood floor is cleaned properly, so that the refinishing process undergoes smoothly without any hazards.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide a brief discussion about how you should clean the hardwood floor of your house before you opt for wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica.

Clean the dry dust

Do start to clean the wood floor using a broom. Make sure the broom is soft-bristled, as it could avoid making scratches on the hardwood floor. First, begin with brooming from one corner of a room so as to maintain a sequence. An efficient wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica have a practice of collecting the dust in one place. After that use a Vacuum to clean the hard-to-reach dust between the window slides, between floorboards, or even the extreme corners of the room. Now collect all the dust particles together and throw them into a waste bin.

Mop the floor

After you finish with dry dust cleaning, no it’s time to clean with a wet cloth. According to your comfortability, you can either use a mop stand or a piece of rug, and a half bucket of plain water with a few drops of concentrated liquid cleanser. Thoroughly mop and wipe the hardwood floor with this water mixture. You might have to change the water solution in the bucket once or twice.

Parting advice

If you want your hardwood floor to be neat and clean always, repeat this deep cleaning process thrice a week at least if it is not possible to clean the floors daily.

If you reside in a high-traffic area, professional cleaning is required. To book a service for wood floor refinishing in Santa Monica, contact us.


3 Major Reasons to Consult an Expert before Buying Hardwood Floors in Los Angeles

Do you want to present your house a new look for the up comping festival? If your answer is yes, then begin with the renovation of the flooring of your house, as this part of your house only carries a heavy load!

Here in this blog, we will know why you should consult an expert before you buy hardwood floors in Los Angeles for your dream house.

Costing: Before you go shopping, you have to be aware of the cost of the hardwood flooring you are going to install. You have to fix a budget but should not always go for the cheaper one, because it does not provide you the quality and the longevity you are looking for. An expert can assist you with the best suggestion about which hardwood flooring you should buy, as per your need.

Process of Installation: You may get puzzled as there are a number of ways of installing the hardwood floor. The expert service providers for hardwood floors in Los Angeles will examine your house and advise you on the best way to opt for it, according to the shape, size, and color of your house.

Texture and color: While opting for a hardwood installation for your house, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should not compromise with your personal choice and desire. An expert in this field will suggest to you which type of wood you should purchase according to your personal choice and taste, which will get reflected in the house. An expert will again, inform you what effect your house and the atmosphere are going to experience after you install that particular kind of hardwood floor!

To book an appointment with our experts for advice about hardwood floors in Los Angeles, please contact in the given details.


What Do You Need to Do Before a Hardwood Flooring Installation in your House?

Have you decided to renovate your house by replacing the existing hardwood flooring of your house? Yes? Okay then go through this blog. This is relevant to you, as in this blog we have gathered some facts regarding your responsibilities before going into the process of the hardwood flooring installation in California in your house.

Visit the showroom: First and foremost requirement of beginning the process is you have to visit the showroom, where there is a number of options available to let you choose which hardwood flooring is the best for your house. The showroom visit will give you a visual representation of a hardwood flooring installation in California so that you can visualize in your imagination what your floor would look like after you have undergone the installation process. The representatives in the shop will also come up to your help by showing pictures or flashcards or even videos to finally let you choose the type of hardwood flooring.

Expert visit to your House: After you have chosen the type of hardwood flooring for your dream home, experts from the showroom will visit your house once with of course a prior appointment. Their responsibility is to take measurements of the flooring to determine the sizes, and shapes of the material they are to bring on the day of installation. You can ask any question to clarify your doubts, and the experts will solely answer all your queries. On the other hand, if they have to know anything about your house flooring, your duty is to reply all in detail until satisfaction.

Execution: One fine day, Professionals arrive with the materials and your house gets a new look.

To book an appointment for hardwood flooring installation in California please visit our website.


How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Act in Removing Stains on your Wood Floor?

If your cherished hardwood floor is coming across stubborn stains often, and leaving you confused about what to do and what not to clean your wood floor, this blog is absolutely relevant to your need.

Go through this blog till the last to have a brief idea of removing the stain using hydrogen peroxide, or else appoint an expert for wood floor refinishing in Malibu.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is entirely a chemical substance that is generally used as a bleaching agent, oxidizer, and antiseptic. You can buy it from the market if you want to use it for any purpose.

How to clean stains with hydrogen peroxide?

All you need is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a piece of waste cloth. First, wet the cloth with the chemical properly, place the cloth only where the stain is, and make sure you do not place it on the fresh area as it may cause damage. Allow the wet cloth to sit on the stain for at least 6-7 hours with no movement at all. After the time is over, carefully displace the cloth and see the difference! There will be no trace of any stain. If in case you see a sign of stain, you can repeat the same process after at least 12 hours. Does this seem quite risky and boring? Feel free to hire an expert in wood floor refinishing in Malibu.

Does hydrogen peroxide cause any damage to your wood floor?

You can’t find any unusual risky factor in using hydrogen peroxide. In fact, it contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property that not only eliminates stubborn stains but also saves from the evil effects of fungi and bacteria. Even, hydrogen peroxide offers a new look to your wood floor!

Please visit our website for more details on wood floor refinishing in Malibu.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Termite-Resistant Hardwood Floor in Los Angeles

Have you seen other people walking into showrooms displaying wooden floors to ask for a floor made of hardwood that is resistant to an infestation of termites? You may wonder what is the reason to buy a termite-resistant wooden floor when you can get some test repellents at an affordable price.

There is a sensible logic at play to this thought that crosses your mind but going cheap now can cost you a lot a few years later. Wondering about the possibility of this feature? Hardwood floor refinishers in Los Angeles are going to explain the benefits of having a wooden floor that can resist termites.

Low Maintenance

We all know that any furniture that has been infested by termites either needs to be replaced or maintained by a professional hardwood floor refinisher in Los Angeles. Small furniture can face this problem but it can be a thousand times difficult when your entire floor is infested by these termites.

Affordable Refinishing

The benefit of affordable refinishing is something to look out for. In this kind of flooring material that can resist termites’ replacement is not necessary. Why? It is because replacement needs to be done when the flour has been rendered useless. Since they are resting termites, getting useless is not possible.

Keeps you Safe

We all have a basement above our wooden floor. When the floor is tested to be weak by termites walking on them can be risky. It can crash down as you fall into the basement. Sounds scary? It is indeed a scary one! So, having the benefit of avoiding this accident is a lot better!

Final Thoughts

Look for these benefits before buying any hardwood floor. Consult with a hardwood floor refinisher in Los Angeles for more details!


3 Major Reasons Wooden Floor Refinishing in Bel Air is Affordable

Are you wondering what are the highly accepted reasons in the United States of America that make wooden floor refinishing affordable? The doubt and argument have been going on since the time wooden floors have been used as a material to build floors.

It depends on a certain factor that determines whether wood floor refinishing in Bel Air is affordable or not. In general terms, you can get refinishing done at a few hundred dollars as compared to replacing the floor. Factors like transportation and other services make it slightly expensive.

Use of Inexpensive Tools

The tools that are used while refinishing your wooden floor are quite simple and found almost everywhere. These are regular tools that have been used for mopping and sweeping dust in every household.

When you hire a hardwood floor refinisher all the tools, they use are always hired from someone. When an organization is large enough only then these tools are not hired as it has already been bought by them. So, going for a large organization that gives this service is a good idea.

Less Effort Involved

Unlike a hardwood floor replacement, this kind of job does not require you to invest in physical labor. It is a little too obvious for everyone to understand that the job of wood floor refinishing in Bel Air has always been a notch below the bar of strenuous activity. This is why they are not expensive as it does not demand a large amount of physical activity.

Common Service

Wooden floor refining has always been quite a common service in several waves. The reasons mentioned above show the rate of affordability this service has got to offer. This is one of the few reasons that makes refinishing a common service.

Final Thoughts

In the accumulation of all these services wood floor refinishing in Bel Air has been made affordable. Look for a good contractor who is ready to give this service at an affordable rate.

Planning to Polish a Wooden Floor in Los Angeles? – Here’s Your Guide!

Do you feel the bright finish of your wooden floor is slowly yet gradually fading away? It is one of serious concerns that falls under the carpet every time you miss out on the schedule of polishing the wooden floor.

It is because of this reason you can consider to follow some of these tips when it comes to polishing your hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles, California. So, what are we waiting for? Let us strap in tight and give it go through all the tips.

Keeping the factor of comfort and hassle-free nature of working in mind we are giving you three vital tips to get your floor polished.

Cover with Transparent Sheets

Covering with a transparent sheet of plastic that fits with proper care is considered to be a good option. These are just a cover over your floor that is easy to clean. When the light reflects on the floor a shiny appearance can be seen by everyone. By following this method, you will be able to enjoy two major benefits. Keeping the floor clean while having a good polish.

Use Polyurethane

A liquid based chemical component that does not have any harmful effect on your floor or your feet is taken to be a good choice. When someone wants to avoid the use of plastic, they can rely on this method. It is done after wiping the floor clean off any dust to get a unique shine that brings a good amount of beauty after getting the service of a hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles, California.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the tips you can follow if you want to keep your floor clean in every way possible. These tips do not tire you out. Hence consider following these tips after getting a hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles. They will make your home look even better.


3 Major Reasons to Purchase a Nail Down Hardwood Floor in California

Are you interested to learn about the major reasons why flooring contractors in California prefer to install a nail down wooden floor in your house? There is a short list that supports this kind of wooden kind of flooring. But do not worry about the fact that the short list of benefits will fall short of giving you quite a lump sum amount of efficiency.

They are Strong

What is the first thought that comes to your head when you hear the term “nail down wooden floor”? A large wooden floor that has been beaten down to the wooden platform with a lot of nails at all corners. This is a benefit that plays on your behalf as the wooden floor cannot be ripped up from the wooden structure beneath. Thus, making them strong.

The Method is Cheap

The method used by flooring contractors in California has been taken by many to be quite affordable for a prominent reason. It is for being subtle yet packing a good punch. All you need is a box of nails, a strong hammer, and a flooring contractor in Los Angeles who has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials.

Covers the Floor Completely

Keeping the floor covered makes it harder for air and moisture to get inside your flooring. It proves to be worth a few years down the line when the floor does not swell in an odd way. When such disorder is noticed within the floor, considering replacement becomes an option.

Final Thoughts

The final thought before ending this blog is to hire the right flooring contractor in Los Angeles. Their services become a perfect epitome of natural beauty that reflects from your floor. Consult with a professional for more details!