Hardwood Floor Installation: Cost And Duration

After all, hardwood floor flooring gives any room a regal feel, making it a popular choice for homeowners with properties ranging from country houses to city apartments. Installing hardwood floors can transform your living space, creating a timeless, classic, and contemporary aesthetic. But how much does hardwood floor cost, and how long does it take to lay wooden flooring?

How much does the hardwood floor cost? 

The prices for laying a traditional hardwood floor are higher than for the pre-finished one because the time and labor are greater than for the laying of a pre-finished hardwood floor. The cost of solid wood hardwood floors is also far higher than that of pre-finished hardwood floors.

But there are different factors that affect Hardwood Floor Installation Cost Los Angeles. Let’s see them together:

Shape of the room- Even for a hardwood flooring specialist, it will be much easier to work with a standard square-shaped living room than an oddly shaped room. The complexity of the room’s shape will affect the price tag – for example, those with unconventional indentations and angles will require more technical installation skills as the flooring will need to be cut to size.

Existing condition- Before getting a quote, it is important to check the condition of your current floor. Is it level, or have the beams expanded, causing swelling on the surface? If additional work is needed to prepare the surface, this will add to the total cost.

If there are some quick fixes that you or a trained professional can do before installation, this will reduce the cost of installing the floor.

How long does it take to lay wooden flooring?

As far as laying is concerned, solid hardwood floor takes longer, up to 15-20 days, while pre-finished hardwood floor can also be laid on the same day, given that the finishing is already done in the company.

For this reason, it is preferable to use traditional hardwood floors in newly built houses, where the laying times can be waited for; while the pre-finished hardwood floor is ideal for renovations, the pre-finished hardwood floor can also be glued onto the pre-existing floor.

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