Restoring An Old Wooden Floor

Buying a period house involves a great deal of renovation. Anyone who decides to take this path is certainly someone attentive to the elegance and harmony of a living environment, as well as fascinated by the canonical classic and timeless beauty.

What does it mean to restore a wooden floor?

Like a work of art, hardwood flooring needs to be restored to bring out its former natural beauty.

A characteristic of parquet is that it acquires value over time. Laying patterns typical of past decades that are no longer produced today have acquired invaluable cultural and historical value and prestige over the years. Antique parquet is steeped in history and speaks of the experience and study of the craftsmen who laid it. Witness effective ancient practices and a piece in the development of technologies.

A vintage wooden floor has a timeless charm capable of conquering the viewer.

The process of refinishing the wooden floor to restore its shine

When properly treated, wood is a renewable material many times over. Wood floor refinishing Malibu consists of three phases: sanding, cleaning, and treatment.

  • By sanding, the superficial layer of varnish or wax and a small layer of noble lamella are removed. This operation makes it possible to correct defects and signs of wear caused by foot traffic over the years, making the floor look new again.
  • Subsequently, the cleaning process is carried out with special machines to finish with the new treatment layer.
  • This last step, very important, acts both as a finish and as a protective film of the wood from external agents.

These three steps, if performed by expert hands, will give new life to the wooden floor, which will once again decorate the house. Your home will tell a story – a history of commitment and dedication, love for beauty, and enhancement of tradition, design, and culture.

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