Do You Want A Wooden Floor And Don’t Know Where To Start?

In general, the choice of a wooden floor is made on the grounds of aesthetic criteria (color, grain, treatments) and the type of use envisaged for the floor itself. Before choosing the color, however, it is advisable to think about where the floor will be laid and how it will fit into the environment.

It should not be forgotten that the humidity and temperature of the environment greatly affect the stability of the wood, i.e., the perfect seal in various climatic/environmental conditions; for these reasons, it is often advisable to choose woods with good stability and medium hardness. You can buy high-quality hardwood floors at the best price from Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Los Angeles showroom.

Why choose a wooden floor

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Wear resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness:
  • Ease of maintenance:

Traditional hardwood floor and predefined hardwood floor: the differences

“Traditional hardwood floor” or “solid wood” is a floor made from various elements all of the same wood species. Usually, it varies from 10 to 22 mm in thickness, all in essence.

The “prefinished hardwood floor” is instead composed of two or more layers of different wood; Fir and Birch are the ones that are the most popular. The top layer (the walkable face) of the “prefinished hardwood floor” must not be less than 2.5 mm thick.

Multilayer or predefined hardwood floor: characteristics and composition

It is a series of wooden layers that undergo various processes from calibration to sanding, passing from the processing on the sides to obtain the tongue and groove joint up to the varnishing.

It is composed of an upper layer known as the “noble layer,” which is the walkable face of the “multilayer hardwood floor,” while the underlying layers have the task of keeping the floor stable by contrasting its natural reaction to environmental conditions. These characteristics make the “prefinished hardwood floor” or “multilayer” ideal for quality and durability over time and extremely easy and quick to assemble.

Can hardwood floors be laid on a heated floor?

Of course: the important thing is to take some precautions.

The heating must be turned off at least 5/6 days before laying the floor, and the surface temperature of the screed at the time of lying must be around 15/20°C with a maximum ambient humidity of 65%.

The humidity of the hardwood floor must be carefully checked before lying to verify that it does not exceed the maximum permitted values. When laying floating floors, the thermal resistance of the soundproofing layer (approximately 2.5 mm thick) to be placed under the floor must be considered.

When lying with glues, it is advisable to put the heating on for a few days before starting to smooth the hardwood floor; this is in order to allow the floor to settle before grouting. Do all this seems like a hassle to you, it is better to rely on a professional Hardwood Flooring Showroom for sale and installation of hardwood floors by experts.

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