Refinishing Or Resurfacing The Flooring?

Damaged Hardwood Flooring? Refinishing Or Resurfacing The Flooring?

Many of the old houses built with wooden floors are now crumbling. If this happens on wood floors, you may wonder if the solution is to rebuild the entire floor or refinish the wood since resurfacing treatment and refinishing are used interchangeably. But their meaning is slightly different. Refer to the following articles to learn more about the basics of each process and how they differ.

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Wood floor refinishing Malibu essentially means renovation. Floor polishing includes:

  • Remove varnishes, seals, and stains from floors
  • Sand the top layer of the floor to reveal the exposed wood and its natural grain
  • Apply a new stain or varnish
  • Apply a new layer of sealant

Since it is a somewhat superficial task, “finishing” can be done on many different types of flooring, such as tile and laminate, but the exact process depends on the surface. If you have a natural wood veneer covering a synthetic core, you can finish it 2-3 times (depending on the thickness of the veneer) before exposing the core.

What is resurfacing wood floors?

Resurfacing includes all of the above but much more. If painting is a cosmetic task, painting is structural. Works where there is actual damage to wood, planks, and/or fasteners (screws).

Resurfacing hardwood floors means repairing them. Remove and replace baseboards, sand the baseboards flat, and reinforce the floor with new screws. When everything is finished, the floor can be finished.

DIY or Pro use?

Depending on the floor area, the finishing process may take several days. It may take several weeks for the surface to appear.

That’s if a word expert does it. Trying to do it yourself will take more time. Finishing is not beyond the scope of the do-it-yourselfer. It’s messy and smelly work, but for the most part, you need an orbital sander. Unless you are an experienced carpenter, you are not recommended to retile yourself. You will need a full set of tools, including a chainsaw, sander, and nail gun.


If the floor only has scratches and scuffs, it is better to refinish it than to refinish it. This restores the original shine and is less invasive. Refinishing is the process of removing only the top layer of existing flooring (including the finish) and replacing it with a new layer rather than removing the old floor completely.

But if the floor is in very bad condition, it is recommended to rebuild or resurface it instead. It is expensive and time-consuming, but it actually creates a completely new surface.

Whichever method you choose, don’t let your floor sit for too long without proper maintenance. The longer you wait to restore the floor, the more expensive it will be to make it look like new. Rely on a professional wood flooring store in SFV to get the help of hardwood flooring experts for wooden flooring repair and refurnishing, and resurfacing needs.

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