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wood floor refinishing in Van Nuys

3 Tips you can follow to Avoid Visible Scratches on your Wooden Floor

We all know how bad it feels when we get to see a small scratch on our newly installed wood floors. There are instances when a few homeowners started to walk with great care in order to avoid those scratches on their brand-new floors made of fine wooden components.

It is because of this reason you might have considered hiring the services of a wood floor refinishing in Van Nuys, California. Hiring the services of a professional service provider is a good idea to avoid these scratches.

Lay Down a Rug

Spreading out rugs or even a mattress is going to help you steer clear of this problem. We all have kids and pets in our home to play around with. This is the reason why sharp edges of toys and claws of your pets pose a threat to the wooden floor. It is because of this reason laying down a cover is going to solve the problem.

Brooming and Mopping

The brooming and mopping of your wooden floor are the easiest way of keeping the scratches away. It is quite common for the dirt and grit to settle down on the floor every day. Dirt does not pose a serious threat to the floor but grit does. These minute, sharp objects can cause a small scratch on your floor made of wood.

Hire Refinishing Services

By hiring the services of a wood floor refinishing in Van Nuys, California you can avoid the scratches on your floor. Even if you get any scratch, a fine refinishing will solve the problem in less than an hour. So, you can consider following this tip for advance maintenance.

We hope by following these tips you can avoid getting any scratches. Consult with the services of a wood floor refinishing in Van Nuys for more details!

wooden floor refinishing in Woodland Hills

3 Major Types of Hardwood Flooring Available in Woodland Hills

Are you looking for an experienced contractor to help you with wooden floor refinishing in Woodland Hills, California? The service of refinishing is considered as one of the highly recommended services you can get to enjoy from a contractor who installs and repairs wooden floors. To explain a little about this service of refinishing to the ones who do not know what it is; this service is considered to maintain the texture and components of the wooden floor.

There are different types of woods involved in flooring your house. Each of them requires a different kind of flooring to survive the heat and humidity. Let us read more to see what they are

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is revered for the maximum thickness it is able to provide. They also keep a proper flooring finish once installed properly. This is a wooden floor that does not require much maintenance. Hiring the services of wooden floor refinishing in Woodland Hills, California once after the monsoon season is enough. Simple use of sand and vacuum is enough to bring it back into shape.

Parquet Flooring

The parquet flooring is used by someone who wants a textured pattern on every floor. This type of wooden floors is used to endorse high levels of aesthetic beauty. The parquet flooring requires a little refinishing from a professional contractor in order to protect it from any kind of damage. They are also affordable as compared to solid hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

A bamboo flooring is considered to be friendly to our environment. They are affordable compared to other flooring materials. Bamboo flooring does not allow the growth of mold on them which makes it less vulnerable to the damages it deals from the climate.

There are many more types of woods used to floor houses. You can consult with a contractor of wood refinishing in Woodland Hills, California to pick the right type!


3 Benefits You Can Have With Hardwood Floors in Los Angeles

Whether you want a classic look or an easy option for maintenance, using hardwood in flooring materials is a perfect option for you. But do you know the advantages of using hardwood? Check these 3 benefits you can have with hardwood floors in Los Angeles before starting your remodeling project!

  1. Easy cleaning and low maintenance

The hardwood floor can be cleaned easily as you can sweep, vacuum and steam-clean to remove debris or dirt. Additionally, you can easily maintain the hardwood floor. This floor is more resistant to stains than the carpets. Further, if any spill is found, you can easily wipe the spill up. 

  1. Enhancing the value and beauty of home

A wood floor can add elegance to the home and your home can look bigger. If you can remodel the rest of your home decor, the hardwood floor can make an excellent impression on your guests.

Furthermore, unlike carpets, the hardwood floor does not trap animal dander, duct, particulate matter, pollen, or other allergens.  Hence, you can easily improve air quality at your home.

Additionally, the hardwood floor can have potential value to the home. If you want to sell your home, buyers are going to be ready to give you higher payment for your hardwood floor than the floor with a carpet. In maximum cases, buyers replace carpets as they don’t want to use others’ carpets.

  1. Providing strength and durability

Hardwood floors in Los Angeles are good options due to the durability of hardwood. Though the floor can be dented or scratched, it can easily be removed. Hence, if you can take care of the wood floor, the hard and safe surface of the floor can last for a long time.

If you want to get guidance for hardwood floors in Los Angeles, you can contact us.


4 Tips to Hire Flooring Contractors in Los Angeles

Selecting a perfect flooring contractor is not an easy job that can assure perfect installation. The professional contractors have to have insurance, a lot of experience, and detailed knowledge of the floor installation process. Without having these things, your project can eventually fail. To avoid this risk, check these 4 tips to hire flooring contractors in Los Angeles before starting your project!

  1. Experience

To find experienced contractors, you can request references from your peers and check the online reviews. Before you hire someone for your project, it is necessary to check the reputation of an installer and experience. For example, if you want porcelain tile flooring, you need to check whether the contractor has enough experience in porcelain tile flooring. 

  1. Insurance

One of the major factors you need to consider before hiring flooring contractors in Los Angeles is having insurance. The contractors can have licenses of the general contractors, but verify if they hold licenses for flooring.

Insurance plays a vital role if any critical event or an accident takes place at the project site at the time of installation. If your contractor does not have a license, you are going to be held liable for it.

  1. Costs

Planning for the project budget is a major factor to complete the flooring job properly. Before investing in your project, you need to take estimates from at least 3 contractors. If you find a usual estimate, you can easily avoid it and go for a safe option. Furthermore, you have to get details on a payment schedule, initial payments to start the project, and additional costs for unforeseen issues.

  1. Warranty

For safety purposes, you need to check whether the contractor offers a specific warranty at the installation time.

Do you need to hire flooring contractors in Los Angeles for your project? Then feel free to contact us.


4 Easy Steps for Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Los Angeles

If you don’t want to replace the hardwood floors, then refinishing can be an ideal option for you. If scratches on the floor do not go through wood, scuff-sanding the floors is ideal with buffer layers by applying fresh coats for finishing. Let’s check the steps for hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles.

  1. Cleaning the floor

Firstly, all furniture is removed and then sprayed with a cleaner of hardwood flooring. After that, wipe your floor with a towel attached to the mop head. During this process, close the doors and windows to keep dust confined in the room.

  1. Preparing the primer

Use sandpaper of 180-grit for hand-sanding the room and rub with grains at a specific distance from the baseboard. In this stage of hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles, avoid using the sanding blocks as uneven spots can be overlooked in the floors.

  1. Floor-finishing

For finishing purposes, spread the buffer across floors in directions of grain, overlapping every course. In this way, the old finish is converted into powder and you can easily notice the covered areas. Give a break of 5 minutes while moving the buffer at all times.

  1. Sweeping the floor

After the floor-finishing, the room has to be left for 10-15 minutes for settling the powder. After that, a clean filter is put in a vacuum and the floor is swept with the help of the felt-bottomed attachment.

At the final stage, the floor is dry-tacked with the microfiber cloth with grains. After finishing all of these things, a long-handled roller is used with a nap cover. Each pass overlapped and worked quickly to keep the wet edge. After some time, brush finish at the edge and roll for around 10 minutes.

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4 Easy Methods of Hardwood Floor Installation in Los Angeles

Have you chosen the floor type you want for your remodeling project? Then it’s time to install it. Just like choosing the flooring material, it is also crucial to select a method for installing it. Check these 4 Easy methods of Hardwood Floor Installation in Los Angeles.

  1. Staple down

Staples can be utilized to attach your floor to subfloors. This method is easier than the method of nailing down. Staples can be used for engineered as well as solid hardwood flooring. For the floor is thin (¼) or thick (5/16), staples with a length of 1 “to 1-1 / 4” has to be used. To install hardwood, you need to put staples at a distance of 6 to 7 inches.

  1. Nail down

In the process of thin hardwood flooring, nails can be utilized to fasten hardwood to subfloors.  For a thick flooring of 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch, 1/2-inch nails and 3/4-inch nails are used, respectively. However, for hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles, it is recommended to follow the instructions of flooring manufacturers. 

  1. Floating

This is the easiest and fastest hardwood flooring installation method. In this technique, you don’t need to attach the floating floor to the subfloors as it just floats above it. To complete this process, an adhesive is used to boards so that floors can be attached together. Otherwise, boards can be used to snap together.  Generally, a pad is used to keep it between the subfloor and wood floor to reduce noise and save against moisture.

  1. Glue down

In this hardwood installation, engineered parquets and wood floors are glued down. After that, hardwood has adhered to subfloors with the help of strong adhesives.

To get detailed information on hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles, you can contact us.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

4 Essential Safety tools for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

If you want to complete your hardwood flooring installation project properly and safely, then you must use some specific tools. These tools work just like an umbrella in the rain. Starting the installation without taking precautions with these tools, serious health hazards can take place. Now, this is not at all desired-right? Hence, you need to know which tools you must use during hardwood flooring installation. Check these 4 essential tools for your project of the hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles to ensure your safety.

  1. Vapor respirators

While applying the wood finish, it is necessary to use a vapor respirator. The respirator has to be approved by MSDS or “Material Safety Data Sheets of Manufacturer”. Besides this, a shop vacuum also works well to protect your lungs. 

  1. Dust masks

The dust respirator can protect the upper respiratory tract and lungs from harmful wood dust. This tool is necessary in case of high sensitivity to such dust. It is safe to use N95 masks approved by NIOSH. This N95 respirator is commonly used among 7 different types of particulate filtering respirators. This product filters around 95% of particles in the air. 

  1. Safety goggles

These goggles need to meet standards of performance, made by ANSI or “American National Standards Institute”. These goggles protect eye sockets completely and effectively.

  1. Earmuffs

Most equipment of floor sanding creates sound with 90 dB and above. Such sound with high dB is a major reason for hearing loss among contractors. Isn’t it quite alarming? To avoid such issues, ear muffs work as an affordable solution-you can buy them as pre-molded plugs or foam inserts.

If you want guidance for your project of the hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles, you must contact us today.

3 Unique Hardwood Floor Installations in Los Angeles

When you are planning for hardwood floor installation, you can’t avoid your concerns of explosion and fire risks, right? If the installation process is improperly handled, you are going to face serious health hazards. 

At Sequoia Flooring, we work with professionals so that you don’t need to bother about these hazards. You can select any kind of wood floor as per your wish; our professionals are ready to serve you with exceptional and reliable results. Unlike other installations of hardwood flooring, floating floor attaches to each other. Despite attaching to the subfloor, this floor floats the subfloors.  We are specialized in different methods of the hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles. These methods are-

  • Floating

You can install floating floors on grade, below or above. Concrete, linoleum, ceramic tile, and plywood-you can use anything in the installation of floating floors.

  • Glue down

The installation method of glue down includes using adhesives for adhering dry back flooring of luxury vinyl to the base. Using this adhesive creates stability in dimensions to ensure flooring maintenance as per natural characteristics. Two specific adhesives can be used-pressure sensitive and hard set. The hard set is an adhesive, spread on the floor, and then flooring has been laid on. In pressure-sensitive, flooring products have adhesives on them. 

  • Nail down

In this process, the contractor nails down to your subfloors. For your hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles, if you select to fix the hardwood floors into their exact positions, then the floor can be nailed to the subfloors. But, while you are fitting or planning the hardwood floors to joists, the contractor has to secretly nail the floors into place.

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4 Important reasons to hire Flooring Contractors in Los Angeles

Do you need some expert suggestions for maintenance and repairing purposes of the floor? Each aspect such as selecting floor-covering materials, preparing subfloors is essential for food maintenance.  Hence, floor contractors play a vital role to perform all of these activities.

Check what services you get from flooring contractors in Los Angeles.

  1. Selection of materials to cover your floor

The flooring contractors are specialized in choosing floor-covering materials and materials for offering other services. For flooring, these contractors help to choose from a wide range of materials, such as resilient materials (linoleum, vinyl), laminate, wood products, and hardwood.

  1. Preparing the subfloors

Building managers and homeowners hire flooring contractors to make subfloors. It can help you to receive perfect floor coverings, repair or refinish existing surfaces of floors.

  1. Restoring flooring materials

Besides subfloor preparation, if you want to restore historical flooring materials, specifically particular stones and tiles or hardwood, you need to hire a contractor.  One of the important projects of flooring contractors in Los Angeles is installing floors. If you engage an experienced and licensed contractor, you are free from facing the troubles of installing floor coverings by yourself. 

  1. Having project estimation

Are you confused about setting budget estimation for your project? Don’t worry, you can hire a contractor who will visit your home, discuss with you the project and give you an estimation. After you agree to the said budget, the contractor can start the project. Additionally, the contractor will help you by providing disposal and cleanup of the flooring products. In the present commercial market, contractors generally produce estimates by using written instructions and drawings.

Do you want detailed guidance for your project by hiring flooring contractors in Los Angeles? Then contact us today.

Flooring Repair in Los Angeles

3 Excellent Options for Affordable Flooring Repair in Los Angeles

Do you want to repair your old floor and make it attractive at affordable prices? Selecting a perfect flooring option according to requirements is not an easy task. You need to consider water resistance, durability, difficulties of installation, and many other things. Then you must try our best flooring options, available within your budget with smart manufacturing techniques.

At Sequoia Flooring, we can guide you in choosing the perfect option for you as per your necessities. Check these 3 unique options you can have for affordable flooring repair in Los Angeles.

  1. Vinyl tiles and planks

This flooring can provide your floor a look of natural or wood stone without bearing the excessive burden of price. These tiles and planks work as natural wooden floors or stone tiles. The contractors can easily install these luxurious vinyl planks. You don’t require specific subfloors. They are installed on tile, wood, vinyl, and concrete. Enjoy a comfortable walk on soft floors within your budget!

  1. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

If you want your playrooms, moisture-prone rooms like laundry or bathrooms, or kitchens, vinyl sheet flooring is going to be the best option for you. For both below or above ground, you can easily install it. Whatever pattern, texture, color, or style you want- this flooring idea is going to satisfy you. Among all other options of affordable flooring repair in Los Angeles, this option is extremely water-resistant and durable in nature. You can easily maintain and keep it clean. If you want to repair your damaged subfloor, you can positively use this flooring.

  1. Ceramic tiles

Are you worried about scratches and dents? Then flooring with ceramic tiles is the ideal choice for you. This flooring is resistant to humidity and water. Flooring with ceramic tiles is surely going to be a hardy choice over vinyl flooring.

To get the services of affordable flooring repair in Los Angeles, you can contact us.