How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sun Damage & Discoloration in Agoura Hills, CA

Typically, the general basics about wood floor care and maintenance is related to homeowners when they get professional installation. At the very least these basics can be found with a simple amount of research. In a nut shell, keeping the wood floor dust mopped to control the dust, dirt and debris (which are natural abrasives), and ensuring the exposure is kept to a minimal are the important details. Others include staying clear of harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning implements, and avoid wearing spiked shoes on the floor. Unfortunately, few realize that direct sunlight can cause issues for hardwood floors as well. The effects are from long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The most obvious affect is discoloration, but there are other issues that can manifest with direct sunlight piercing the wood floors and we at Sequoia Flooring would like to further elaborate on the matter.

Hardwood Floor Discoloration In Direct Sunlight Compared to Under Rug for Example

It does not take too long before you notice the discoloration of the hardwood floor. Most will notice the difference in color when comparing it to areas where the sun’s light penetrates through the window as opposed to the areas protected under furniture for instance.

UV Protection & Other Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sun Fading

The hardwood floors can have irreversible damaging effects with direct sunlight in tandem with warm temperatures and/or humidity levels. No matter the effects, you can help prevent these problems all year long with the below solutions.
Hardwood Floor Sealants: The effect of sunlight on floors will vary, depending on the specific wood and color tone. Some types of wood will darken, where others will lighten after being exposed to direct sunlight. Moving the furniture around periodically can help keep the floor balanced. To help significantly reduce the sun’s rays, consider an application of specialized sun-resistant sealant. Rugs and runner are also an option to provide more barriers from the sun.
Window Treatments: The UV film for windows can block out 99% of harmful rays, making this preventative measure one of the most effective. Simply installing quality window films will help prevent fading and discoloration. Most prefer the window UV tint to having to keep the curtains closed drawn, and the window tint is easy to install. It keeps the harmful rays from penetrating through the glass and the window films still allow enough visual light transfer to flood your home with natural light. In order for blinds, drapes, and curtains to be an effective alternative method, they have to be closed to prevent the sunlight from coming through during the peak hours when the direct sunlight shines through. This option keeps homes relatively dark but preserves the health and color of your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Lightening, Darkening, Drying & Other Effects of Sunlight

Effective singularly or in harmony with others, many of these solutions will still help preserve your wood floors. Hardwood floor cannot only discolor with the sun’s harmful rays, but the floors can dry out and deteriorate far too long before their time. It is important that you take the necessary precautions when you first get them installed but it is never too late to start effective preventative sun damage.

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