3 Unique Hardwood Floor Installations in Los Angeles

When you are planning for hardwood floor installation, you can’t avoid your concerns of explosion and fire risks, right? If the installation process is improperly handled, you are going to face serious health hazards. 

At Sequoia Flooring, we work with professionals so that you don’t need to bother about these hazards. You can select any kind of wood floor as per your wish; our professionals are ready to serve you with exceptional and reliable results. Unlike other installations of hardwood flooring, floating floor attaches to each other. Despite attaching to the subfloor, this floor floats the subfloors.  We are specialized in different methods of the hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles. These methods are-

  • Floating

You can install floating floors on grade, below or above. Concrete, linoleum, ceramic tile, and plywood-you can use anything in the installation of floating floors.

  • Glue down

The installation method of glue down includes using adhesives for adhering dry back flooring of luxury vinyl to the base. Using this adhesive creates stability in dimensions to ensure flooring maintenance as per natural characteristics. Two specific adhesives can be used-pressure sensitive and hard set. The hard set is an adhesive, spread on the floor, and then flooring has been laid on. In pressure-sensitive, flooring products have adhesives on them. 

  • Nail down

In this process, the contractor nails down to your subfloors. For your hardwood floor installation in Los Angeles, if you select to fix the hardwood floors into their exact positions, then the floor can be nailed to the subfloors. But, while you are fitting or planning the hardwood floors to joists, the contractor has to secretly nail the floors into place.

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