4 Easy Steps for Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Los Angeles

If you don’t want to replace the hardwood floors, then refinishing can be an ideal option for you. If scratches on the floor do not go through wood, scuff-sanding the floors is ideal with buffer layers by applying fresh coats for finishing. Let’s check the steps for hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles.

  1. Cleaning the floor

Firstly, all furniture is removed and then sprayed with a cleaner of hardwood flooring. After that, wipe your floor with a towel attached to the mop head. During this process, close the doors and windows to keep dust confined in the room.

  1. Preparing the primer

Use sandpaper of 180-grit for hand-sanding the room and rub with grains at a specific distance from the baseboard. In this stage of hardwood floor refinishing in Los Angeles, avoid using the sanding blocks as uneven spots can be overlooked in the floors.

  1. Floor-finishing

For finishing purposes, spread the buffer across floors in directions of grain, overlapping every course. In this way, the old finish is converted into powder and you can easily notice the covered areas. Give a break of 5 minutes while moving the buffer at all times.

  1. Sweeping the floor

After the floor-finishing, the room has to be left for 10-15 minutes for settling the powder. After that, a clean filter is put in a vacuum and the floor is swept with the help of the felt-bottomed attachment.

At the final stage, the floor is dry-tacked with the microfiber cloth with grains. After finishing all of these things, a long-handled roller is used with a nap cover. Each pass overlapped and worked quickly to keep the wet edge. After some time, brush finish at the edge and roll for around 10 minutes.

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