Base Shoe Molding VS Quarter Round when Installing Hardwood Flooring in Cerritos, CA

Base Shoe Molding VS Quarter Round when Installing Hardwood Flooring in Cerritos, CA

When installing or refinishing hardwood, often we place a baseboard mold that helps hide the edges or gaps along the edges of the floor and wall. There are two types of edge pieces that are used to finish the floor baseboard mold; Base Shoe or Quarter Rounds. They are very similar but do have their differences and times when they are used. Sequoia Flooring will share more about quarter round and base shoe molding to explain why they are used along with hardwood floor installation and refinishing.

Differences Between Molding Styles

Both base shoes and quarter rounds look very similar and cases they are each used. However, there are some situations where one may be better suited then the other. Both are used to provide a smooth transition from the floor to the baseboard. As stated, they help hide the gaps or spaces between the baseboards and the floor.
Quarter Rounds: As the name implies, quarter rounds are a like a circular piece of wood that has been cut in four pieces and makes a quarter round piece of wood. A quarter round is cut at a 90 degree angle and can come in different sizes.
Base Shoe: Base shoes are like a quarter round, but instead of being cut from a circle a Base shoe is cut more from an oval with the top piece cut higher.

Base Shoe & Quarter Round Molding Materials

Both quarter rounds and base shoes come in different materials. Some are made from plastic, fiberglass and wood. When installing one of these molding pieces it is always best to use wood since it can be stained to match the wood floor. The plastic mold can be painted to match the floorboards if they don’t match the floor and are not stained.

When is it Best to Use Base Shoe & Quarter Round Molding when Installing Hardwood Floors?

When installing hardwood floors from the first, often the installer will ask if you want one of these transition moldings to be put around the floor boards. Another common and also essential use for these moldings is for set or sunk-in living rooms. When the edge of the floor comes together, such as for steps, it will leave an obvious seam that looks uneven. Using either a quarter round or base shoe helps create a smoother transition and helps hide the uneven edges. The edge where the mold is being installed can help determine the size and material needed.

Base Shoe & Quarter Round Molding During Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

When refinishing hardwood floors, often the molding and floorboards will need to be removed. The wood floor will need to be completely exposed when it is refinished to make sure that the entire floor can be serviced. At this time the molding, if wood, can be sanded and stained while the floor is being finished if necessary. After the molding has been refinished along with the hard wood floor, the baseboards and molding can be reinstalled. The quarter round or base shoes are as much a part of the floor as the wood planks.

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