Give An Amazing Look To Your Floor By Hardwood Flooring Store In SFV

In case, you wonder do we provide service in SFV, yes, we do! If you are looking for hardwood flooring at the best price, we’ve got your back. Sequoia Flooring also provides its services in SFV and also planning to provide our services in other states in America like California. We are overwhelmed that you are choosing us as your best hardwood flooring store in SVF and appreciating our services like anything. It is because of you, we have been able to grow our business to this much. Today, we want to share our method of installing hardwood flooring.

Our method of hardwood flooring installation

  1. In beginning, we determine the size of your room in sq ft. but we always take the measurement more than the actual size for cuts and waste
  2. Then we ask you to know your requirements. What is the color you would like to have and also know about the type of design you want? We try to assist you in this step after looking at your room.
  3. Preparing the subfloor is our next step. This is an important step as a hardwood floor will be installed on it. If your floor is damaged, we make it even and clean it before putting hardwood on it.
  4. After this, we make a floor layout. Here we determine how we are going to cut the pieces of wood and put them on the floor. It is a very time-consuming task.
  5. After this, it is necessary to install the underlayment. This important before starting the actual installation.
  6. It is important to trim door castings before starting the installation
  7. After this, the actual installation starts.
  8. After all these, we go around the room to clean it fix it to give it a finished look.

We try to maintain transparency with our customers and give them the best results. And we are very happy to be known as the best hardwood flooring store in SVF, Flooring store Los Angeles. please visit our website and choose the services you need!

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