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Pros and Cons of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring can be the first choice for flooring when you design your house. The selection of wood and applying methods varies. This may confuse you with the right selection. When you select solid hardwood, what you want it a smooth overall look with natural texture. If you bring a prefinished hardwood for flooring, it will give you quick installation benefits. You will get rid of all the mess that happens in finishing of the wood but there is something called perfect finishing. When you bring prepared floor layers from companies providing hardwood flooring sales and installation services for instant application, they have a mark of installation. However, there are good companies providing good finishing but unfinished hardwood installation has a unique touch, which cannot be achieved in prefinished wood.

The benefits of unfinished hardwood flooring are as follows.

  • You can get perfect and smooth finishing.
  • There is no mark of manufacture.
  • You can get wide range of wood types in unfinished hardwood category.


Along with these benefits, you may consider the following disadvantage also.

  • It will take lot of time and efforts. You will not be able to use the flooring immediately. Finished hardwood layers are ready to use with instant application.
  • There will be lot of mess when processing.
  • If not done properly, chances of early wear and tear increase.

Everything has its own wear and tear. For getting a super smooth look, you have to bear the disadvantage. However, you can overcome these disadvantages by selecting the right hardwood flooring sales and installation service provider. They will install the right quality of wood in right way. Experienced service providers have perfection in their work. They will take care of mess and provide sleek look. This way you can get a better finishing at home. With good installation, the chances of wear and tear will reduce and your flooring will last longer