Things To Know Before You Get An Estimate For Finishing A Hardwood Floor

A home with wooden floors is modern and comfortable, but wooden floors can start to look dull after years of wear and tear from children, pets, and everyday life. Homeowners with dull, scratched, and old hardwood floors may consider refinishing to restore them to their original condition. But how much does Wood floor refinishing Pasadena cost?

When assessing the price of wood flooring, there are usually additional factors and considerations regarding the price. This includes floor condition, repairs, carpet removal, furniture moving, cleaning, and conventional and dust-free finishes.

Condition of the floor

The better the wooden floors, the cheaper the project will be. Floors in poor condition take longer to prepare, repair and sand and incur additional labor costs. This can occur with badly damaged or warped floors. Some problems, such as deep dirt or water damage, may require the complete replacement of some panels.

Subfloor repair

For floors with severe water damage, the subfloor may need to be repaired or replaced. If the subfloor loosens and creaks, the contractor can install it over the joists to eliminate the creak. Plywood subfloors are relatively inexpensive to repair, while concrete slabs are much more expensive.

Carpet removal

Homeowners must pay extra if the wooden floor is under the carpet. The contractor will charge an additional fee to remove the carpet before refinishing the hardwood floors.

Need for moving and cleaning furniture

Everything, including furniture, must be moved out of the room before finishing with wood floors. Homeowners can ask the contractor if there is an additional cost for moving furniture out of the room or if it is included in the estimate.

Homeowners can save money by doing it themselves in advance if there is an additional fee for this service. Another issue to consider is whether the contractor will clean up at the end of the project or whether it will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Traditional or powder-free finish

Traditional panels can generate a lot of dust, which can be difficult to remove when cleaning. Powder-free paint is a less messy but more expensive solution. Professionals attach a vacuum cleaner to the sander to collect most of the dust. Dust-free panels are useful for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems or who cannot allow too much dust in their homes for health reasons.

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