Which Type Of Finish Is Perfect For Your Home’s Hardwood Flooring

Notwithstanding if, you’re safeguarding the newly installed hardwood floors for refinishing the hardwood floors, the main task initiates with choosing the right topcoat. Suppose, if you’ve finally decided to install suitable hardwood flooring for your home- whether it is a rich walnut or a cherry wood, each of it has its own appearance and charm. While there is different hardwood flooring species, they all have one aspect in common…. They all require a protective finish so that they appear in their best possible manner.

So, below are some significant flooring diminishes that you can choose:

  • Water-based Polyurethane: Easy to maintain, and have less odor
  • Oil-based Polyurethane: Affordable, Moisture-resistant
  • Moisture-Cure Urethane: Excessively durable
  • Wax: Little odor, easier to touch up
  • Shellac: Sustainable item and could be easily refinished
  • Oil sealer: Bring out the sophistication of wooden floors
  • Acid-Cured Finish: Higher durability and longevity
  • Aluminum Oxide: Sturdy materials, Less maintenance, Greater level of glossiness

Therefore, from the above choices, you can select any one that matches your personal circumstances. It’s totally your choice… however before selecting any type of wood flooring finish you should research precisely about several factors. This includes the location of your home, outdoor and indoor atmospheres.

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