3 Useful Safety Recommendations for Wood Floor Refinishing

Do you want a complete floor makeover by sanding down and refinishing your wood floor? Well, undoubtedly it is going to be a great idea to increase your property value. But if you forget to consider the safety measures, you can face serious issues at the time of refinishing. So, if you don’t want damages to your property, check these 3 useful safety recommendations for wood floor refinishing at Malibu.

  1. Electrical safety

Examine electrical plugs and cords before renting the floor edger or sander. Further, do not use cracked, cut, or frayed cords as they can cause accidents in the future. Drum sanders contain heavy-duty, long electrical cords. Hence, while using such a sander, do not extend the reach of the cord by applying an under-sized cord of extension.

  1. Avoiding volatile compounds

Always try to limit exposure to volatile chemicals at the time of wood floor refinishing at Malibu. For this purpose, you can wear a respirator for avoiding organic vapors, gloves, and dress with long sleeves at the time of sanding old finish on your floor.

This refinishing procedure produces fumes from polyurethane and it is unhealthy for breathing. Till the finish becomes completed and dried, keep your windows open so that vapors can disperse.

  1. Avoiding asbestos and lead hazards

If your floor is made of vinyl asbestos or asphalt asbestos, beware of hazards from materials of non-friable asbestos such as sheet flooring or floor tiles. If your asbestos-based flooring becomes broken up or damaged at the time of home renovation, you need professional remediation. Further, do not clean dust materials (containing asbestos) with the help of a common vacuum cleaner. Avoid using pad buffers of steel wool, sanders, or grinders.  

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