How do Professionals Cover for Water Damages on a Hardwood Flooring

Did you just spill a glass of water on your wooden floor made of hardwood? It is a big problem if you leave it just the way it is for a long period of time. This may not sound like an unfortunate incident but professionals who provide services on wood floor refinishing in Bel Air, California say it is a sign of big trouble.

It is because of this reason contacting a service provider of wooden floor refinishing as soon as possible is necessary. They are good at bringing the damage under control in no time at all. Their method is considered by many homeowners to be foolproof, efficient, and affordable.

Using of Sand

Sand is considered to be a primary absorbent of all kinds of liquid. When there is a glass of water spilled, simply wiping off the floor is not enough. The woods generally hold the right amount of moisture in them. A little more is going to tip off the balance. Hence putting a little amount of sand is going to absorb all the excess amount of water.

Vacuum Suction

Using a vacuum suction is considered by the professional service provider of wood floor refinishing in Bel Air, California to be an ideal way of maintaining the balance of water. As suggested by the name, this method creates a vacuum where all the extra amount of water is sucked out of the wood. Professionals have the skill to know when the machine starts to suck away all the water present inside the wood.

Add Water-Resistant Coating

Adding a coat that is able to resist any water is considered by many to be an effective way of dealing with the splashes from happening again in the future. The coating is going to protect the wooden surface from coming in contact with the water. This is going to save the surface from any further mishaps.

We hope the service provider of wood floor refinishing in Bel Air, California you hired provides the same methods. Consult with a professional for more details!

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